How to redirect a web site to IIs?

How to redirect a web site to IIs?

In IIS Manager, expand the local computer, right-click the Web site or directory you want to redirect, and click Properties. Click the Home Directory, Virtual Directory, or Directory tab. Under The content for this source should come from, click A redirection to a URL.

Can a redirect Uri begin with scheme https?

The redirect URI must begin with the scheme https. There are some exceptions for localhost redirect URIs. The redirect URI is case-sensitive. Its case must match the case of the URL path of your running application.

What happens if I replace WP _ mail with cformsii?

If wp_mail is replaced by some plugin, multipart/alternative emails may not be sent properly, which is the case with e.g. Postman SMTP Mailer/Email Log. Why is the Form Settings page broken? This is an incompatibility with WordPress 4.2+ that was fixed with cformsII 14.9.3.

Which is the current version of cformsii plugin?

The current security baseline version is 15.0.3. Really Simple CAPTCHA for cformsII provides an image CAPTCHA via cformsII’s pluggable CAPTCHA facility. To convert the old CAPTCHA fields to Really Simple CAPTCHA, please install the current version and activate the plugin.

How to enable the Jakarta ISAPI redirect connector?

Open the IIS Manager, go to Web Service Extensions. Create a new extension, name it ” jakarta connector ” and input the path to the isapi_redirect.dll and then check the box to enable it.

How to activate ISAPI redirect in IIS Manager?

Open IIS Manager => Server => ISAPI and CGI Restrictions 5. Select the isapi_redirect.dll, and choose a description – also activate “Allow extension path to execute” 6. Open the Website where you want to activate the redirect and open the option “ISAPI Filters” 7.

How to redirect a request to a web site?

Under The content for this source should come from, click A redirection to a URL. In the Redirect to box, type the URL of the destination directory or Web site. For example, to redirect all requests for files in the Catalog directory to the NewCatalog directory, type /NewCatalog.