How To Step Up Your Fashion Game

Becoming more immersed in fashion is about getting into the groove of how you showcase your unique style juxtaposed to modern trends. Finding the right balance of both worlds is possible if you know how to step up your fashion game so that it feels authentic to you. Getting to know yourself through a fashion lens takes time, but you can do it! For tips on how to get started, keep reading.

Look At Trends

Fashion and accessory trends in the media are usually brought to light by celebrities and influencers. To get some inspiration, consider the celebrities you idolize and incorporate similar trends and styles that they implement on the red carpet, the runway, etc.


The goal is not to copy celebrity styles but to incorporate similar stylings that resonate with you and the concepts that you like best. You can still create one-of-a-kind looks by considering high-fashion inspiration. Take a Billie Eilish-inspired jackets blazer and put your own twist on it!


Find Your Footing

The footwear you pair your outfits with can make or break your looks. Shoes can be the ultimate fashion accessory if you know how to style them correctly. For casual days, look for black kitten heels and pair them with different styles of jeans to create sophisticated yet casual looks. For more formal events, look for closed-toe heels with a metallic shine.


Keeping your footwear in neutral colors is ideal, as these colors can pair with most outfits and look like matches made in heaven. Then again, sometimes, a pop of color can make an outfit stand out and in the best way. Go for bright and bold colors during the summer when you’re more likely to wear floral prints or bohemian dresses.

Be Fearlessly You

As you consider different outfits and styles, make it your mission to remain fearlessly you. Your fashion should reflect your style and personality. Don’t try to meet outside expectations. If you like trying out fancy tie knots, or wearing bright and bold colors, go for it!


If you want to try new looks that you’re not sure will go over well, know that the choice is up to you! If you want to find your authentic fashion style, you need to be fearless and allow yourself the opportunity to see what is out there as you develop new styles.


Shop For Sustainable Finds

Right now, sustainable fashion is trending! Sustainable shopping is a big part of the new normal for ethical and money-saving reasons. Look for vintage finds and steals at your local thrift stores and consignment shops and see what’s out there for you. You never know what you might find! Play up the fashion trends of decades past and look for vintage jackets, bell bottom jeans, and more at these stores. You might even donate your unwanted items for cash and use some money to buy new clothes.


Think About Your Aesthetic

Decide on the overall look you want to convey with your aesthetic. By having some defining features and characteristics you want to display in your fashion, you can gain a better sense of direction that will help you make fashion decisions related to these general themes. Take some time considering the overall look you want to convey, as it relates to your style and personality.


The Bottom Line

Stepping up your fashion game is about considering how trends and your personality merge. What would it look like to incorporate a celebrity’s style into aspects of your own? These considerations and more should be thoroughly investigated to create a style that feels authentic to you.