Is a graph tech nut good?

Is a graph tech nut good?

They work, they’re very good nuts. The Tusq XL and the black Tusq XL are the self-lubricating ones, their other nut products are just synthetic bone. Self lubricating isn’t quite right, they’re made of graphite, which lets the strings slide similar to putting graphite from a pencil in the slots.

What is Graph Tech made of?

TUSQ is made from 100% organic polymers, contains no oil or animal by-products and is consistent from piece to piece, and within each piece.

How much is a TUSQ nut?

Graph Tech GRC-10 TUSQ XL Fender Style Slotted Nut

List Price: $14.95 Details
Price: $12.59 ($30.71 /100 g)
You Save: $2.36 (16%)

What is TUSQ nut?

Tusq saddles and nuts are actually made from an extremely high-quality polymer, formed by high levels of heat and pressure, which allows them to transfer string energy and sustain more consistently and efficiently. They are now used in instruments from Taylor, Gibson, Tacoma, and many other manufacturers.

What guitar nut is best?

Bone. Bone is arguably the best guitar nut construction material since it offers a number of desirable characteristics. Hard, dense, yet fairly light, this material offers remarkable strength against mechanical shocks and a fine tuning reliability, especially if periodically lubricated.

Do bone nuts sound better?

It seems that if the nut is made out of bone, not only are the strings less prone to cut through it but as I said above, the sound is better, having more clarity and fullness.

What is NuBone made of?

NuBone is a derivative of Graph Tech’s proprietary TUSQ material and offers very similar tonal characteristics to our highly esteemed TUSQ. NuBone doesn’t damp string vibration like plastic; instead, it transfers the optimum frequencies to the guitar allowing for more volume, more tone, and more harmonics.

What are TUSQ XL nuts made of?

TUSQ XL is based on the highly resonant TUSQ man made ivory and impregnated with PTFE, the slipperiest substance on earth, to improve the tuning performance of the guitar.

What is the difference between TUSQ and TUSQ XL?

What is the difference between TUSQ XL and a TUSQ nut? The biggest difference is that TUSQ XL is impregnated with PTFE; the lubrication prevents strings from binding in the slots. TUSQ is not. You get better tuning stability especially when using a tremolo or bending strings.

Is TUSQ as good as bone?

While the difference between the two isn’t as pronounced as going from a cheap plastic nut to a bone or Tusq nut, there are definitely some advantages with Tusq. Tusq tends to produce notes that have more sustain and many find the tone much clearer and sharper. Even with bone blanks they will often sound different.

Is TUSQ harder than bone?

Bone may sound more full but Tusq is actually harder and more dense than bone.

Which is better bone or TUSQ?

Why do you need Graph Tech guitar nuts?

When nuts are worn out or poorly constructed, problems such as string buzz, fretting out and tuning performance are just a matter of time. Graph Tech precision molds and engineers its nuts to create the most consistent tone and string balance, as well as precise string spacing to create the perfect piece for your instrument.

What kind of products does Graph Tech make?

Graph Tech has created some of the world’s most recognized products and brands in the music industry. The list of industry firsts include the world’s first self-lubricating nut in 1983, String Saver Saddles the first saddle to drastically reducestring breakage, TUSQ man-made ivory, and Ratio machine heads.

Do you need an AG for Graph Tech tusq XL?

But, you can NOT get the “aged” nut in both sizes. For older Epiphones (2014 and older), you need to order Graph Tech TUSQ XL PQL-6060-00. For year 2015 and newer, you need to order Graph Tech TUSQ XL PQL-6061-00. And if you want that “aged” look, you need to add an AG after 6060 (PQL-6060-AG), for older EPI’S (2014 or older).

Do you need a pilot slot for a guitar nut?

But a guitar or bass nut that’s custom filed for your string gauge and instrument — like those that can be ordered through Sweetwater’s Guitar Shop —can take your axe to a whole new level of maturity and sophistication. Be advised that many manufacturer guitar nuts will come with pilot slots that will still need to be filed for each instrument.