Is A Mixer Suitable For Performing Anonymous Deals: Why Is It The Best Solution?

The best abinymus instument for bitcoin deals

The talk that crypto deals are 100% anonymous is only partially reliable. The fact is that addresses tied to crypto, if desired, can be tracked and contacted by a natural person. Therefore, in specific cases, many investors risk discovering personal information. There are crypto tumblers that provide a guarantee of anonymity.

General Information About Cryptocurrency Tumblers

Cryptomixer is a service that allows you to mix your electronic coins with the coins of other users, ensuring the privacy of their owners and the origin of the coins. Because it is possible to track digital currency, the task of the crypto tumbler is to hide the connection between the address of the coin and its owner. In addition, all registers of performed operations are automatically deleted a day after mixing.

The principle of the Bitcoin mixer is that it obfuscates your open code and arbitrarily generates a new available code, thus breaking the connection between the cryptocurrency’s owner and the crypto storage address.

Let’s look at the most popular types of services.


They are third-party services that perform mixing services for a specific fee. If you plan to use a centralized mixer, you need to transfer a particular amount of virtual currency to the intermediate address of the crypto mixer. These mixers will provide you with a form to fill out, in which you need to enter the address of the recipient’s crypto storage. After sending the payment for the service and placing the coins in the crypto mixer, your virtual currency will be mixed with the coins of other users. Then the updated digital money is transferred to the users’ addresses.


It operates on the P2P principle (peer-to-peer protocol) without restrictions and permissions. In such a mixer, coins are placed automatically. When using such a mixer, the transaction is transformed into a large one because several users send crypto to one transaction address. Then the virtual currency is mixed, and after a certain period, the number of coins you place in the mixer is returned to you. But depending on the platform and the amount deposited, a small commission may be charged (or not) for the service.

Benefits Of Using Digital Coin Mixer

The use of a mixer for digital coins has several advantages when compared with direct deals (from one crypto storage to another), namely:

  • Enhanced privacy – by obfuscating crypto transactions, you can provide more protection for your financial transactions with electronic coins.
  • Anonymity allows you to hide the identity of the owner of virtual coins, making it difficult to trace where the funds were received from.
  • A higher degree of security. The crypto mixer allows you to protect your electronic money as reliably as possible from the activities of cybernetic intruders, dividing large deals into several small ones.

Therefore, using crypto mixers is very advisable, and the main thing is choosing a reliable service (for example, MixBTC).

When Do You Need To Mix Digital Coins?

You must mix virtual coins if you use a new source to receive crypto for the first time. In this case, it will be almost impossible to calculate the operation.

If you plan to sell virtual coins for fiat, mixing will also be required so that the person who purchases coins from you cannot trace the source of receipt (the address of your crypto storage). Or third parties will be able to trace the completed transaction for fraud if mixing is not applied.

Three avenues can lead to your virtual currency transactions being tracked:

  • Investigative authorities – there are times when, during various investigations, your transactions may also come under suspicion;
  • Hackers – their goal is aimed at various fraudulent actions you can suffer (identity calculation, storage hacking, etc.).
  • Analysts for cryptocurrency operations are interested in the work of blockchain technology and everything connected with it: the speed of transfers and algorithms for carrying out various transactions. They need it only for their professional activities. But the more experienced the analyst, the more difficult it is to hide the trade from them.

It follows from this that the mixer for mixing virtual currency will be able to protect you from many troubles.

What Do You Need To Pay Attention To When Choosing A Crypto Mixer?

When a mixer for mixing virtual assets is required, You need to be guided by some aspects to ensure the mixing is done safely and reliably:

  • Platform reputation. Selecting a crypto tumbler with good reviews from regular users and a long-term history of successful mixing is necessary.
  • Transparency. It is necessary to be sure that this platform operates transparently, providing complete information about its operation, payments or commissions for mixing, and how long it will take to complete the process.
  • They are ensuring a high level of security. It would be best to ensure that it has high reliability and security, encryption protocols, support for multiple signatures, and more. All these measures should provide reliable protection of the transaction and customer data.
  • The customer support service should be and perform 24/7 assistance to users in case of questions or technical problems.
  • Confidentiality. This service must provide complete privacy for users.
  • The amount of payment for the service. Use the crypto mixer that offers the best mixing price.

Be sure to compare multiple platforms, and don’t use the first one you see; it can be risky. It is better to study several services and only then make a choice.