Is Banzai a real company?

Is Banzai a real company?

About Banzai We’re the industry leader in seasonal outdoor products including water blasters, pools, water parks and flat water slides. Banzai brings the fun, adventure & excitement of national water parks straight to your backyard! Watch out for our new product line!

What is the most luxurious swimming pool?

World’s Most Expensive Swimming Pools

  • City of Stars, Sharm El Sheikh – $5.5 billion.
  • Seagaia Ocean Dome, Miyazaki, Japan – $2 billion.
  • Hearst Castle, San Simeon California – $10 million.
  • Nemo 33, Brussels, Belgium – $3 million.
  • Kitchukov Family Pool Arizona – $1 million.
  • Sarojin Resort, Phuket, Thailand – $1 million.

Who is the best swimming pool in the world?

Here is our top 10 list of the most beautiful swimming pools in the world.

  • The Royal at Atlantis, Bahamas.
  • San Alfonso del Mar, Chile.
  • Golden Nugget Hotel, Las Vegas.
  • Como Shambhala Estate, Bali.
  • Hotel Berg, Iceland.
  • Marina Sands, Singapore.
  • Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort, Thailand.

Whats the meaning of Banzai?

Banzai may refer to: A traditional Japanese exclamation meaning “ten thousand years” of long life.

Why did the Japanese say Banzai?

This term came from the Japanese battle cry “Tennōheika Banzai” (天皇陛下万歳, meaning “Long live His Majesty the Emperor”), and was shortened to banzai, specifically referring to the tactic used by the Imperial Japanese Army during the Pacific War.

What is the expensive pool in the world?

City of stars
City of stars, Sharm el sheikh This luxurious pool is the most expensive in the world. It is worth $5.5 billion. The City of Stars pool occupies an area of 21 acres and is still under construction. Pool experts report that this pool is likely to be the most famous and crowded pool in the whole world.

What is the coolest pool in the world?

The Coolest Pools Around the World

  • San Alfonso del Mar (Algarrobo, Chile)
  • Glenwood Hot Springs (Glenwood Springs, Colorado)
  • Hotel Caruso (Ravello, Italy)
  • Hanging Gardens of Bali (Bali, Indonesia)
  • The Cambrian Adelboden (Adelboden, Switzerland)
  • Alila Villas (Uluwatu, Indonesia)
  • Marina Bay Sands Resort (Singapore)

Where is the highest swimming pool in the world?

The Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is an impressive building in the shape of a ship. The unique swimming pool at 340 meters is unsurpassed. Just like the view.

Why do Japanese say banzai?

Why do Japanese yell banzai?

“Banzai” literally means ten thousand years (of life). It is shouted during happy occasions while raising both arms. People shout “banzai” to express their happiness, to celebrate a victory, to hope for longevity and so on.

Do Japanese say banzai?

(used as a Japanese patriotic cry or joyous shout.) (used as a Japanese battle cry.)

Whats the meaning of banzai?