Is crest a good pontoon boat?

Is crest a good pontoon boat?

The Crest pontoon ratings are in – these are some of the best pontoon boats in their class. And the best of all is that there’s a top-of-the-line Crest boat for all price ranges. If you’re looking for a boat that is guaranteed to be comfortable and perform well on the water, Crest is right for you.

How fast does a crest pontoon boat go?

How Fast Can a Pontoon Boat Go? + Speed Chart

Pontoon Type Pontoon Length Top Speed
Crest III 26 feet 28 mph
Tritoon 26 feet 35 mph
Berkshire Sport RFX9 25 feet 50 mph
Bennington QR27 28 feet 51 mph

How wide is a Crest pontoon boat?

These boats typically have a width which is around 8 feet. They generally have two pontoons with a diameter of 24 to 26 inches each. A smaller boat which may be 12 or 14 feet in length, may have a width of 7 feet.

Who makes Crest pontoons?

Crest Marine LLC
Crest Marine LLC is a boat manufacturer in Owosso, Michigan which makes Crest Pontoons. The pontoon boats were originally built by Maurell Products, whose owner Maurice Shell ran the company for almost 50 years….Crest Marine.

Type Private
Owner Crest Marine LLC
Number of employees 100+

Is Bennington a good pontoon boat?

Starting at the incredible value of the S series and moving up to the pinnacle in style, design and performance of the Q series, all Bennington Pontoons deliver the best pontoon experience.

How fast will a 20 foot pontoon boat go?

Pontoon Boat Speed Chart

Pontoon Type Pontoon Length Top Speed
Starcraft 20 feet 23 mph
Party Barge 18 feet 24 mph
Suntracker 22 feet 25 mph
Tritoon 21 feet 27 mph

How fast will a 18 foot pontoon boat go?

Party Barge 18 The Party Barge is an 18-foot boat that has a 75hp engine. The max speed is right around 25 miles per hour with a medium load.

How wide is a 25 foot pontoon boat?

Sylvan Mandalay 8525 Bar – 8 foot 6 inches wide. Aqua Patio AP 235 Sport 25 – 8 foot 6 inches wide.

How wide is a 22 ft pontoon boat?


Length 7.37 m 24′ 2”
Deck Width 2.59 m 8′ 6”
Max. Recommended HP 150 HP
Fuel Capacity 121.5 L 32.1 gal.
Pontoon Log Length 6.78 m 22′ 3”

Does MasterCraft own crest?

MasterCraft Boat Holdings, Inc., the parent of MasterCraft Boat Company, LLC (“MasterCraft Boat Company”, “Company “, “we”, “us” or “our”), its wholly owned and trademarked brand “Crest” (“Crest Pontoon Boats”) appreciates your visit to its website, (the “Crest Website”) and related services (“ …

Who bought Crest boats?

MCBC Holdings, which owns MasterCraft and NauticStar boats, is buying Crest Marine. The deal is expected to be completed by the end of this year. Crest Marine started in 1957 and operates in a 150,000-square foot facility in Owosso.