Is Ford EcoSport a good car to buy?

Is Ford EcoSport a good car to buy?

Ford Ecosport car is a very good and best car in the world. It is so comfortable and safe.

Is Ford EcoSport high on maintenance?

The Ford EcoSport is a wonderful breakthrough made by the Ford team. It has a very high city mileage in both its variants – petrol as well as diesel. The maintenance charges are a bit towards the higher side which is a common thing for Ford vehicles.

How many seater is a Ford EcoSport?

five people
Though the EcoSport can seat up to five people in two rows, only four average-sized adults will likely fit comfortably. Also, the rear seats have an upright seating position that may be uncomfortable for some passengers.

Which is the best 7 seater car?

Premium 7 Seater Car Comparison

Car Mileage Seating Capacity
Maruti XL6 18-19 kmpl 6 adults
Toyota Innova Crysta 11-16 kmpl 7-8 adults
Mahindra Marazzo 17.33 kmpl 6-7 adults
Kia Carnival 14 kmpl 7-9 adults

Which SUV is better than Creta?

Note: The Selto GTK is powered by the 1.4-litre turbo-petrol engine as compared to the less powerful 1.5-litre petrol engine that’s offered in the Creta SX….Hyundai Creta EX vs Kia Seltos HTE.

Hyundai Creta EX Rs 9.99 lakh
Kia Seltos HTE Rs 9.89 lakh
Difference Rs 10,000 (Creta is more expensive)

Is Ford EcoSport safe car?

The Ford EcoSport is a safe vehicle to drive and doesn’t fall short in any areas of essential crash test protection.

Is it worth buying EcoSport in 2020?

Is Ford EcoSport worth buying in 2020? Yes, Absolutely! Considering all the features that it has on offer in the given price range, the Ford EcoSport is definitely worth considering if you are looking to buy a subcompact SUV.

Does Ford cars have high maintenance?

The maintenance costs may be low. However, spare parts are extremely expensive.

Are Ford cars expensive to maintain?

1st year service cost for Ford Endeavour – Rs 3700 (3.2 L) For a car of this massive size, the service cost is extremely low. Even after driving the SUV for 100,000 kms, you will end up paying not more than Rs 70000 (est.) if the total service cost.