Is HJC a good helmet?

Is HJC a good helmet?

HJC helmets are extremely comfortable, stylish and use top quality materials and safety features. We love HJC’s price points too. They are reasonably priced especially given the sheer number of features they have. Bike riders of all budgets can afford to get a good quality helmet through HJC.

What does HJC helmets stand for?

Hong Jin Crown is correct, based in Kyung-gi province, South Korea. Ben Spies and Jorge Lorenzo have both wore, or currently wear their helmets.

Is Shoei better than HJC?

The Shoei is quieter than the HJC, it’s built nice, but the HJC fits me better and is more comfortable. So the HJC is the one I wear 95% of the time. I too have both and it is all a matter of fit, comfort and personal prefence.

Is HJC helmet DOT approved?

Your HJC helmet is designed to meets DOT standard. Contact HJC America for more information about the DOT standard. Modifying your helmet may increase your risk of serious injury or death in an accident. Do not modify your HJC helmet.

How safe are HJC helmets?

HJC has a pretty good reputation for safety, not least among their polycarbonate helmets. The helmet it’s replacing was actually given a maximum safety rating of 5 stars by UK helmet testers at SHARP (ECE version), and of course the HJC C70, like all helmets for sale in the US, is certified DOT compliant too.

Which HJC helmet is the best?

The HJC IS-Max II is one of the best modular helmets on the market. It is lighter than most other modular helmets and is one of the safest. The HJC F70 is an incredible, feature-packed, fibreglass helmet with an incredible amount of ventilation and a drop-down sun-visor.

What country is HJC from?

Further, HJC has two helmet factories in two different countries: Korea and Vietnam. These factories provide strategic venues to produce high end, mid, and entry-level products to satisfy the demands of consumers around the world.

What country is HJC helmets?

HJC is a leader in the U.S market and a runner-up in Europe, in terms of market share. It operates four factories in Korea, China and Vietnam. It produced 1.5 million helmets in 2013, with sales of KRW 80 billion. The HJC RPHA 10 helmet series is the company’s lead product.

Why are Shoei helmets better?

Shell Construction While Arai evolved into motorcycle helmets over time, Shoei made a more direct path into racing. Shoei has a focus on the rider’s comfort, so they don’t get exhausted by fatigue caused by wind resistance or overwhelmed by noise turbulence. It uses Advanced Integrated Matrix or (A.I.M.

Is HJC Snell approved?

The HJC CL-17 is a tried-and-tested all rounder polycarbonate helmet that’s Snell certified and well loved by owners.

Where are HJC helmets manufactured?