Is instrumental music in Christian worship scriptural?

Is instrumental music in Christian worship scriptural?

The use of instrumental music in worship is not based on God’s word. Such worship is therefore not in spirit and it is not in truth. When is worship Scriptural? Anything is Scriptural for which there is a direct command. The Lord’s Supper is Scriptural because Jesus said: “Do this in remembrance of Me” (1 Cor. 11:24). We have a direct command.

Is instrumental music a circumstance of worship?

First, It has been argued, that the use of instrumental music is a circumstance of the same kind with the building of a house of worship and the selection of its arrangements; that it is not an absolutely necessary condition of the church’s acts that it should hold its meetings in edifices: they might be held, as has often in fact been done, in the open air. To this the obvious reply is, that this circumstance is one common to the acts of all societies.

Is music neutral in worship?

For the relativists, music is a neutral vehicle; any style can be used to worship as long as the heart is right. For the moralists, music isn’t neutral; it’s important to choose the right style to facilitate true worship.

What is a worship song?

A song can be a tool of worship to bring the truth of God, God’s Word, from our head into our spirit. Any song that helps people bring more of their life to God as a living sacrifice is a worship song. The goal of worship is to lead people to respond to the greatness of the one and only living God.

What is some upbeat Christian music?

10 Upbeat Christian Songs – Uplifting Worship Songs and Hymns The Afters “Battles”. The Afters remind us that God is fighting for us. Hawk Nelson “Live Like You’re Loved”. What if we lived like we are loved? Citizen Way “Bulletproof”. MercyMe “Greater”. Phil Wickham “Your Love Awakens Me”. Anthony Evans “I Found You”. Gateway Worship Voices “Love Has Found Us”. Newsboys “Crazy”. Micah Tyler “Directions”.