Is keyera a Canadian company?

Is keyera a Canadian company?

Keyera (TSX: KEY) is one of the largest midstream oil and gas operators in Canada. Most of Keyera’s facilities are located in western Canada west of the fifth meridian in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin where natural gas is rich with valuable liquids products.

How does Keyera make money?

About Keyera Corp. Its predominantly fee-for-service based business consists of natural gas gathering and processing; natural gas liquids processing, transportation, storage and marketing; iso-octane production and sales; and an industry-leading condensate system in the Edmonton/Fort Saskatchewan area of Alberta.

What does Keyera corp do?

Connecting Energy for Life Keyera is committed to providing access to responsible energy across Canada and abroad. Energy is essential to improving the lives of people across the globe. As one of Canada’s largest independent midstream businesses, we are connecting energy for life.

How many people work at keyera?


Industry Crude petroleum and natural gas extraction
Established in Canada 1998
Publicly traded yes
Major Canadian hiring locations Calgary AB, Edmonton AB, Drayton Valley AB, Red Deer AB, Rocky Mountain House AB, Grande Prairie AB, Fort Saskatchewan AB, Rimbey AB
Full-time employees in Canada 1,046

Is keyera a good investment?

There are currently 5 hold ratings and 10 buy ratings for the stock. The consensus among Wall Street analysts is that investors should “buy” Keyera stock.

How much does keyera Corp pay in dividends?

2021 Dividends

Ex-dividend date Record date Amount (CDN/share)
Aug 21, 2019 Aug 22, 2019 $0.16
Sep 20, 2019 Sep 23, 2019 $0.16
Oct 21, 2019 Oct 22, 2019 $0.16
Nov 21, 2019 Nov 22, 2019 $0.16

Is keyera Corp a good stock?

Keyera Corp was recommended as a Top Pick by on . Read the latest stock experts ratings for Keyera Corp.

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