Is Kraig Parker married?

Is Kraig Parker married?

Parker focuses on balancing his career, marriage to Jo and family life. “I am 12 years into my second marriage, and my wife is my biggest supporter,” he said. “We have four kids between the two of us, but they’re almost all grown.”

What happened to Trent Carlini Elvis impersonator?

Longtime Las Vegas entertainer Trent Carlini died Sunday at Centennial Hills Hospital at the age of 57. Known as one of the best Elvis Presley impersonators or tribute artists to ever perform on the Las Vegas Strip, Carlini suffered a stroke late last month.

Did Elvis ever meet an impersonator?

July, 1972. On the grounds of his Los Angeles Hillcrest home. Elvis meeting an impersonator named Larry Blong at the gates.

Who won best Elvis impersonator?

Shawn Klush
Thousands of “Elvi” gave it their best shot in the 2007 BBC competition show World’s Greatest Elvis. But the fans gave their tender love to Shawn Klush of Pittston, PA, crowning him King in the finale.

How did Trent Carlini dead?

Family was with Elvis tribute artist Trent Carlini when he died in Las Vegas. Trent Carlini’s sister Laura confirmed Tuesday that Carlini suffered a stroke on Nov. 23.

When was Trent Carlini born?

September 15th, 1962
Born on September 15th, 1962 Roberto Romolo Sfasciapagliari Trentacarlini aka Trent Carlini passed away peacefully, surrounded by his immediate family, at age 57 in Las Vegas on December 8th, 2019. Trent was born in Chicago, Illinois but at the age of 9, his family moved to Porto San Giorgio Italy.

Who was the best Elvis impersonator ever?

Even when he’s not on stage, Shawn Klush speaks with Elvis Presley’s unmistakable drawl. The Pennsylvania native is so convincing as his hero, the BBC named him the World’s Greatest Elvis.

Did Elvis ever meet Andy Kaufman?

According to a memoir by Kaufman’s friend Bob Zmuda, Kaufman even wrote a book about Elvis in his free time. He was also determined to meet Presley even if that meant getting tackled by a guard. Kaufman hid in a service kitchen and waited for Presley at one of his concerts.

Which Elvis impersonator looks the most like Elvis?

Kjell Henning Bjørnestad (born March 12, 1968), known as Kjell Elvis (or K. Elvis), is a Norwegian professional Elvis impersonator: He is an Elvis look alike and has had plastic surgery to look more like Elvis. He is also a sound alike and has released a couple of albums with Elvis songs.

Who won the Ultimate Elvis Contest 2019?

Taylor Rodriguez
Congratulations to 2019 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest winner Taylor Rodriguez! Taylor, who represents the Tupelo Elvis Festival, receives a contract to perform with EPE and a cash prize of $20,000. Taylor will open the Ultimate Return concert, taking place at the Soundstage at Graceland tomorrow, August 11.

What killed Trent Carlini?

How many children did Trent Carlini have?

four children
Trent was a loving father to his four children. He was brilliant with his music, he played many instruments but his best instrument was his voice.