Is Lena Katina married?

Is Lena Katina married?

Sasho Kuzmanovićm. 2013–2019
Lena Katina/Spouse

How old is Lena Katina?

37 years (October 4, 1984)
Lena Katina/Age

How old is Yulia?

36 years (February 20, 1985)
Julia Volkova/Age

Is Tatu alive?

More videos on YouTube After a month of international success, the band went on to reach the UK top 100 four more times with the likes of Not Gonna Get Us and Friend Or Foe but, after failing to make it into the charts once more, and following a series of conflicts between the pair, Tatu disbanded in 2011.

What does Tatu stand for?


Acronym Definition
TATU Teens Against Tabacco Use (aka Teenagers Against Tobacco Use)
TATU This Girl Loves That Girl
TATU Teenagers against Tobacco Use (aka Teens against Tobacco Use)
TATU Toshkent Axborot Texnologiyalari Universitetida (technological university; Uzbekistan)

Who produced Tatu?

Trevor Horn
All the Things She Said

“All the Things She Said”
Producer(s) Trevor Horn
T.A.T.u. singles chronology
“Prostye Dvizheniya” (2002) “All the Things She Said” (2002) “Not Gonna Get Us” (2003)
Music video

Is Julia Volkova married?

Volkova does not keep in contact with Sidorov. In 2007, Volkova had a long-term relationship with Uzbek businessman Parviz Yasinov. The press reported that she and Yasinov got married.

Where is Tatu band now?

In 2017, she moved back to Russia to regain her popularity at home, and started singing in Russian again.

What does Tatu stand for hospital?

Assessment and Treatment Unit
Assessment and Treatment Unit (TATU). The aims were to: i. Improve patient flow through the hospital, especially in ED.

What country is Tatu from?

Moscow, Russia

Who wrote songs for Tatu?

Trevor Horn went on to write t.A.T.u.’s most memorable song, “All the Things She Said”, and helped produce most of the English album 200 km/h In The Wrong Lane. While working with Shapovalov, the group was “controlled” by him and it was reported that he was “strict” during the process of making the album.

What is the last name of Lena Katina?

In this Eastern Slavic naming convention, the patronymic is Sergeevna and the family name is Katina. Elena Sergeevna Katina (Russian: Елена Сергеевна Катина; born 4 October 1984), better known as Lena Katina, is a Russian singer and songwriter who is best known for her work with Russian duo t.A.T.u.

Who is Lena Katina of t.A.T.u?

Elena Sergeevna Katina (Russian: Елена Сергеевна Катина, born 4 October 1984), better known as Lena Katina, is a Russian singer and songwriter who is best known for her work with Russian duo t.A.T.u.

When did Lena Katina release her first album?

In 2014, she released her debut album, This Is Who I Am, followed by her second album, first in Russian language, Mono, in 2019. Katina was born in Moscow on 4 October 1984 to the musician, Sergey Katin – who collaborated with “Dyuna”, Marina Khlebnikova and other representatives of Russian show business.

When did Lena Katina break up with Volkova?

In 2011 Katina and Volkova officially split to pursue solo careers. That year Katina released her first mainstream single ” Never Forget “, which in 2011 reached No. 1 on the MTV Russia Top 10 and also won the MTV Russia – 2011 Video of the Year.