Is Lupe Tortilla a franchise?

Is Lupe Tortilla a franchise?

So it comes as no surprise that the new Lupe Tortilla, a Houston-based franchise, has been blowing sales predictions out of the water — and boasting wait times of up to two hours for a table.

Where is the original Lupe Tortilla?

Called Lupe Tortilla, it’ll open its first location at 4535 Belt Line Rd. Addison in early 2019. The first Lupe Tortilla was opened by founder Stan Holt in 1983 in a house in Addicks, a town on the outskirts of Houston.

Who is the owner of Lupe Tortilla?

Stan Holt –
Stan Holt – Founder and Owner – The Original Lupe Tortilla Mexican Restaurant | LinkedIn.

Is Lupe Tortilla only in Texas?

The chain currently has 20-plus locations throughout Texas, including in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.

How much does a Lupe Tortilla manager make?

Lupe Tortilla Salary FAQs The average salary for a Managing Partner/General Manager is $63,554 per year in United States, which is 10% higher than the average Lupe Tortilla salary of $57,643 per year for this job.

Does Lupe Tortilla take reservations?

No, but it would be good to call ahead if you have a big party.

Does Lupe Tortilla deliver?

Lupe Tortilla Delivery near you Order delivery on the go. DoorDash is always at your fingertips. Delivery available from participating Lupe Tortilla locations in the United States and Canada.

What is Lupe Tortilla famous for?

The greatest concentration of restaurants is on Lupe Tortilla’s home turf, Houston, where the restaurant has become known for its beef fajitas, tableside guacamole and margaritas.

When did Lupe Tortilla start?

In 1983, Stan and Audrey Holt launched Lupe Tortilla in a 40-year-old farmhouse. The husband and wife duo operated the single location until 1997, when the Houston-based company opened two more locations after their sons, Judson and Peter, graduated from the Culinary Institute of America.

Is Lupe Tortilla fancy?

So, here’s what is weird about this little obsession of mine: Lupe Tortilla is no five-star, Michelin-rated destination for gourmands. It’s more like a Chili’s-meets-Mi Cocina. It’s a chain. It’s not fancy.

Is Lupe Tortilla a good place to work?

This is a great place to work overall. Management and staff are very friendly and understanding. Moreover, management is great about ensuring that servers are prepared for the job prior to hitting the floor. They set high service expectations for each server and set us up for success with customers.

How much do servers make at Lupe Tortilla?

How much does a Server at Lupe Tortilla make? The typical Lupe Tortilla Server salary is $4 per hour. Server salaries at Lupe Tortilla can range from $2 – $20 per hour.