Is PCC library open?

Is PCC library open?

PCC Library Reopening You can visit any PCC campus library Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. We are planning a gradual transition in the services we offer and the hours we are open.

Is PCC Rock Creek open today?

Service update. Due to COVID-19, PCC campuses are closed.

What city is PCC Rock Creek in?

PCC Rock Creek, a critical resource for Washington County, is located 12 miles west of downtown Portland….Next term: winter 2022.

Oct 29 Class schedule available
Nov 24 Community Ed registration begins
Jan 10 Beginning of term

How many PCC campuses are there?

Four comprehensive campuses, ten centers, and dozens of independent locations throughout the community offer courses and provide student services.

What time does PCC Rock Creek Open?

10am – 3pm

« Previous Next » Sep 20 Monday Sep 24 Friday
Cascade Library 10am – 3pm 10am – 3pm
Rock Creek Library 10am – 3pm 10am – 3pm
Southeast Library 10am – 3pm 10am – 3pm
Sylvania Library 10am – 3pm 10am – 3pm

How much is Portland Community College?

In-state tuition 4,558 USD, Out-of-state tuition 9,418 USD (2019 – 20)
Portland Community College/Undergraduate tuition and fees

What county is Portland Community College in?

It is the largest community college in the state and serves 1.9 million residents in the five-county area of Multnomah, Washington, Yamhill, Clackamas, and Columbia counties….Portland Community College.

Type Public community college
President Mark Mitsui
Students 89,903 (2013)
Location Portland , Oregon , United States
Campus 256 acres (104 ha)

What is the main campus for PCC?

PCC’s Cascade Campus is located in the heart of North Portland and serves about 15,900 students each year. Its neighborhood is diverse, lively and close-knit.

How big is the PCC campus?

Pasadena City College’s Colorado campus occupies a beautiful 53-acre site conveniently located in the center of the historic city of Pasadena.

Does PCC have dorms?

PCC, like most community colleges in the U.S., does not offer any dormitories or boarding. But, many convenient housing options are available near campus, including apartments, shared housing, and homestays.

What GPA do you need to get into PCC?

What are the academic requirements for acceptance at PCC? Applicants for admission to PCC must have earned a high school diploma or must have passed the GED. A satisfactory academic background includes a high school GPA of 2.00 or GED and an ACT composite score of 18, CLT total score of 62, or SAT total score of 960.

How much is PCC a year?

The actual annual cost to attend PCC as an undergraduate student is approximately $21,800. Yet, PCC students benefit from an estimated yearly personal cost of $15,090. And with the help of PCC’s financial aid options, students have even more opportunity to reduce that cost.