Is reputedly a word?

Is reputedly a word?

according to reputation or popular belief: a reputedly honest man.

What is Suppouse?

adjective. assumed as true, regardless of fact; hypothetical: a supposed case.

What does supposedly mean vocabulary?

If you hear that something is supposedly going to happen, it may or may not occur. If a friend is supposedly having a pool party next week, wait until you know for sure before you buy that new swimsuit. When you add supposedly to a sentence, it means you aren’t sure.

Is Suppost a word?

noun. A person. A subordinate; a supporter, follower, adherent.

What reputedly mean?

: according to reputation or general belief.

Is presumedly a word?

adverb. As is presumed; supposedly.

How do you use suppose And supposing?

You can use suppose or supposing before mentioning a possible situation or action. You usually then go on to consider the effects that this situation or action might have. If you suppose that something is true, you believe that it is probably true, because of other things that you know.

What is the meaning of supposed to do sth?

1 : to be expected to do something They are supposed to arrive tomorrow. She was supposed to be here an hour ago. The movie was supposed to earn a lot of money at the box office, but it didn’t. 2 : to be intended or expected to be something The party was supposed to be a surprise.

What’s the difference between supposedly and Supposably?

Supposably means “as may be conceived or imagined” and is the adverb form of supposable, which means “capable of being supposed or conceived.” On the other hand, supposedly usually means “allegedly.” The words are often conflated when one usually intends to say “supposedly.”

How do you use supposedly?

Supposedly Sentence Examples

  1. Incidentally, he supposedly came on the radar as a result of a tip from this man or woman everyone’s read about; the so-called psychic tipster person.
  2. Donnie left with him, after supposedly gaining his mother’s approval.

Was supposed to grammar?

In English we use was / were supposed to to talk about things we agreed to do, or other people expected us to do, but we didn’t do. Example sentences : I was supposed to book the restaurant for tonight, but I forgot. ( I agreed to do it, but I forgot)

Is it suppose or supposed?

Suppose is used as a verb. Its past tense is spelled supposed. Supposed is an adjective and is used in the common phrase supposed to.