Is TFsource com legit?

Is TFsource com legit?

TFsource has a consumer rating of 2 stars from 18 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about TFsource most frequently mention customer service problems. TFsource ranks 4th among Transformers sites.

How does TFsource stack work?

TFS accepts all major credit cards and PayPal for stack order payments. All in-stock stack items will be charged the same day they are added to your stack. Preorder items will be charged once they are in stock in the TFS warehouse. Then, have them ship out by generating an in-stock order.

What are TFsource points?

Source Points is a rewards program that lets you earn Source Points on qualifying purchases. You can then redeem Source Points for store credit toward any valid item you purchase on Or, you can choose to automatically apply Source Points as store credit toward your stack.

How long does shipping take from TFsource?

In most cases, all orders will ship out within 1 business day.

How do preorders work with TFSource?

By placing a preorder with TFsource you will have the highest priority from our shipment that your order will be filled. We also ship out in the order preorders were received, which means your order will ship out prior to orders for the same item placed once the goods became instock.

Does TFSource charge for preorders?

Preorder Payments With Order Stacking, we will send an email once an item in a stack is in stock. Within 24 hours, the merchandise will be charged to a credit card on file or a PayPal invoice will be sent. Alternatively, customers can elect to prepay for a preorder through our Prepaid Preorder option in checkout.

How much is shipping from TFSource?

Upgrade to 2-Day Shipping, starting at just $5.99 on orders over $150. Hundreds of items qualify for 2-Day Shipping. We offer a number of shipping methods to fit your needs. Eligible orders over $150 within the contiguous US instantly qualify for FREE Shipping.

How do I cancel my order on TFSource?

For traditional orders any instock merchandise on an order that is combine shipped with preorder merchandise can not be canceled. For preorder items, we have a no cancellation policy and any preorder placed on TFsource’s website is a commitment and legally binding agreement to purchase.

How much does TFSource shipping cost?

Does TFSource ship worldwide?

TFS Global: Worldwide Shipping We have great relationships with collectors around the world, and we’re knowledgeable about the ins and outs of worldwide shipments.

How do I cancel a pre order on TFSource?

Where does Bigbadtoystore ship to?

Where do BBTS orders ship from? We are located in Somerset, Wisconsin (United States). All orders ship from this location.

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How does the stack program work on tfsource?

TFSource’s Stack program offers a unique and flexible shopping experience. Here’s how it works: while shopping on TFSource, you create an open order or “stack.” As you add in-stock or pre-order items to your stack, you have the ability to choose which items from your order ship, when they ship and where they ship to.