Is the Arellano University Chiefs in the NCAA?

Is the Arellano University Chiefs in the NCAA?

Arellano Chiefs. The Arellano University Chiefs is the athletic team of Arellano University. It is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Capital Region Athletic Association (NCRAA). The team has several intercollegiate varsity sports teams for women and men at Arellano.

What kind of Sports does Arellano University play?

A. NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION. In the National Collegiate Athletic Association, Arellano University is competing in the following events: basketball, senior and junior; volleyball, senior ( men and women) junior, (boys only) beach volleyball , senior (men and women); junior (boys only)

When did the Arellano Chiefs win the NSC?

Originally as the Arellano Flaming Arrows, the team won the National Student’s Championship (NSC) in the 1970s. Years later, the Chiefs entered the best-of-three finals in the men’s basketball division of the NCRAA in 2006 when they were defeated by the Saint Francis of Assisi College Doves.

Who was the only player from Arellano named to the Mythical Five?

At the end of the tournament, Giorgio Ciriacruz was named as part of the Mythical Five (all-NCAA team), the only player from a guest team to be named in the five-member roster. On the NCAA Season 86, Arellano has upgraded from its guest to probationary status.

Is the Arellano Flaming Arrows a basketball team?

In the 60’s and 70’s the university has participated and had done well in the area of basketball through the participation of our team, the Arellano flaming Arrows in intercollegiate and commercial competitions.

Who is the founder of Arellano University in the Philippines?

Arellano University ( AU) is a private, coeducational and nonsectarian university located in Manila, Philippines. It was founded in 1938 as a law school by Florentino Cayco, Sr., the first Filipino Undersecretary of Public Instruction. The university was named after Cayetano Arellano, the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines.