Is the Canyon Lake Dam open?

Is the Canyon Lake Dam open?

Closed since Memorial Day of 2018, a walkway and service road atop Canyon Lake Dam officially re-opened Aug. 27. The project was a collaboration between the Canyon Lake Dam Community Alliance, the Guadalupe Blanco River Authority and the Army Corps of Engineers.

What is the current level of Canyon Lake?

Canyon Lake
30 OCT 2021
Current Elevation Normal Elevation Current Wind Speed
908.96 ft 909.00 ft 4.09 mph
Reservoir Control Section

How fast is the Guadalupe River flowing?

Flows are usually between 100 and 300 cubic feet per second (cfs).

Does the Guadalupe River flow into Canyon Lake?

Gulf of Mexico
San Antonio Bay
Guadalupe River/Mouths

Is Canyon Lake Open 2021?

Open April thru October weather permitting. Forest Service roads leading to Woods Canyon Lake are closed during the winter and open after the snow recedes usually in April.

Is Canyon Lake open to the public?

A. Yes. The Canyon Lake Golf Course is private but the driving range and clubhouse are open to the public. For the first time, there are a limited number of annual memberships sold to non-members.

Are there alligators in Canyon Lake?

It is not impossible for alligators to live in Canyon Lake. Stories exist of alligators living in the warmer waters of the river, but no one has seen them in years now that the river runs colder and clearer.

Are there fish in the Guadalupe River?

It’s no secret that the Guadalupe River boasts some of the best fishing spots in Texas. Fishermen and anglers come from miles away to reel in a variety of fish including Rainbow Trout, Guadalupe Bass, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Sunfish, and Rio Grande Perch.

Does Canyon Lake have a dam?

For the latest data on Canyon Lake surface elevation and volume in storage, see the USGS Real-Time data page. Canyon Dam is 6,830 feet long and the top of the Dam is 224 feet above the streambed. It creates a reservoir that covers 8,240 acres and has a shoreline of about 80 miles.

Are there snakes in Canyon Lake Texas?

Although they’re all around you, chances are you’ll never see a venomous snake in Canyon Lake. They swim freely in Canyon Lake and the Guadalupe River but are really only noticeable during floods. And yes, snakes can climb trees along the riverbanks and may trail a boat with fish hanging in the water.

Is Canyon Lake safe to swim in?

There are three parks around Canyon Lake that have official designated swim beaches. Potters Creek Park has a beach for registered CAMPING guests only. Comal and Canyon Parks have beaches for the general public. All of the beaches and shoreline are swim if you choose.

When was the Canyon Lake Dam put into service?

GBRA began construction of a hydroelectric facility at Canyon Dam in August 1987; it was first put into service in February 1989. To date, it has been estimated that millions of dollars in flood damage has been averted from several major flood events in the area.

How does Canyon Lake affect the Guadalupe River?

Release refers to the amount of water being released from Canyon Lake Reservoir into the Lower Guadalupe River in CFS (Cubic Feet per Second). The Upper Guadalupe River is NOT affected by Canyon Lake. The Upper River is affected by rain fall only.

What is the capacity of Canyon Lake Texas?

At flood control pool level of 943-ft msl, the lake has an additional capacity of 346,000 acre-feet making total storage 728,400 acre-feet. The Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority (GBRA) is the local agency with rights to the water in the conservation pool of the lake.

Where is Sattler Gage at Canyon Lake Dam?

The Sattler Gage is located immediately down river from the Release Gate at Canyon Lake Dam. Occasionally, the GBRA or the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will release water using the “Turbine Setting Gates” separately or in combination with the “Outlet Works Release Gates”.