Is the icefilms addon on Kodi still working?

Is the icefilms addon on Kodi still working?

Note: IceFilms Kodi addon was not working when we last checked it on April 1, 2021, because its repository is down. We’ll update you as soon as its repository is fixed or it come up with another working repository. Meanwhile you can check Covenant , Exodus Redux , Venom or Magic Dragon addons which are the best alternatives for Movies/TV Shows.

Where can I download Kodi for my iPad?

When you deal with Android devices, it is easy to download Kodi from Google Play. Apple does not provide an application for its users. Thus, you need to learn how to download it from third parties’ stores to install on your iPad or iPhone.

Do you need a new iPhone to install Kodi?

It must be at least iOS7. If your device is relatively new, you will face no problems with Kodi app installation. Once installing Kodi on your iPhone or iPad, follow the next guide to complete the process successfully: Step 1- Reach

Do you need VPN to use icefilms on Kodi?

For many years around, IceFilms has lived up to its expectations as one of the best movie add-on in the Kodi world. You can movies all day long. Make sure you are using a kodi vpn to protect your online presence from malware and hackers.

How to install the iceballs add on on Kodi?

Back out of the Indigo addon and navigate to SYSTEM > Add-ons > Install From Repository > Iceballs Kodi Add-ons > Video Addons > Icefilms > Install If you go into the Icefilms Kodi addon and see a blank screen, your internet service provider has probably blocked you from visiting the website.

Why is my website not working?

You should wait a few minutes and try to connect again to website, in most cases there may be temporary server errors that are commonly fixed in few minutes (or in some cases after hours) by the system administrators that work at Icefilms.