Is the life line on your hand accurate?

Is the life line on your hand accurate?

There is no significant difference between the average lengths of the right and left line of life in both males and females. Likewise, there is little difference in their derived ratios. On average, there is only a difference of approximately 2 mm between the total hand length of males and females for both hands.

What is a good life line in palm reading?

The longer the life line the better. People with a long life line are usually good at sports. If the life line has a small arc and is near to the thumb, it is a sign that he/she easily gets tired and exhausted. If there is more than one life line, this also indicates that the person is very full of life.

What does a broken life line mean in palm reading?

Broken Life Line in the Palm The breaks predict illness or accidents during the person’s lifetime. The length of the broken part indicates the duration and severity of the illness or accident.

What does a long life line on hand mean?

A deep life line indicates that the owner has a powerful ability to express her energy, and every opportunity to live a long and successful life. She may be impatient with lesser mortals who tire more easily, and be inclined to pour all that energy into her temperament or temper.

How can you tell how old your life line is?

Calculate a person’s age. If the life line (LL) to heart line (HL) ratio is: 0.36 – this LL/HL ratio indicates a lifespan of 64 years years. 0.37 – this LL/HL ratio suggests a lifespan of 68 years. 0.35 – this LL/HL ratio means a lifespan of 71 years.

What does it mean when your life line splits?

Even then, if the break is assisted by a supporting parallel life line, the break is merely a shearing in the line, which can indicate a change in the direction and quality of life, perhaps resulting from a radical change in life circumstances.

What does a broken lifeline means?

A broken life line is when the line stops completely and continues after a short length. It may be a clean break or an overlapping break.

When does the line of life develop in a palm reading?

Palm reading/palmistry: analysing your marriage line. This is also confirmed by embryologic studies which have pointed out that the life line (= thenar crease) starts developing in the 7th week of pregnancy above the upper thenar; later the line usually progresses into the palm curving around the mount of venus (= thenar eminence).

Where is the life line on a Chinese palm?

Chinese Palm Line Reading – Life Line. Location and Meaning. The life line is one of the three major lines (the other two are head line and heart line) in palm reading. It starts from the palm edge between the thumb and forefinger and extends to the base of the thumb.

Which is the right hand for palm reading?

Learn some basic palm reading skills in just 15 minutes and become the life of the party. There is a saying that the right hand is for females while the left hand is for males in palmistry.

What does it mean when there is no life line on your palm?

No Life Line:If other lines of your palm are clear and only the life line is absent, it’s not a good sign. It indicates a poor health and a short life. You are easy to get sick or have accidents during the whole life.