Should I buy an HK VP9?

Should I buy an HK VP9?

The HK VP9 overall feels excellent in the hand, and it feels a cut above most other polymer, striker fired handguns. That said, if you’ve handled the HK P30, this gun seems like it’s a cheaper variant of that firearm.

Is the HK VP9 SK a good gun?

Overall, the VP9SK definitely feels great in the hand that said it feels like it should hold a lot more ammo for its size and weight. The gun only holds 10 rounds with a flush fit magazine, yet remains to be similar in size to the Glock 19. It would be nicer if the gun held 13 or 14 rounds in a similar-sized format.

Is HK VP9 better than Glock?

The HK VP9 has more muzzle flip, but it’s also a softer-recoiling gun that tracks really well. It’s almost like shooting a polymer striker-fired CZ 75 solid. The Glock 19, on the other hand, has more recoil but less muzzle flip and it just shoots faster.

Are HK pistols the best?

HK makes some of the best pistols and rifles on the market. HK’s goal is to be “the world’s premier small arms system company” and its motto is “No Compromise”.

Does the H&K VP9 have a safety?

The slide catch lever is extended towards the rear of the pistol as on many of HK’s other offerings (and on the PPQ), but on the VP9 that extension happens inside of the frame. That is to say there’s no manual safety like you’ll find on most other HK pistols.

What is the difference between HK VP9 and HK VP9SK?

The biggest difference between the HK VP9 vs HK VP9SK is going to be the size….Size.

Metrics HK VP9 HK VP9SK
Height(top of Slide to bottom of Magazine Baseplate)(Inches) 5.34 4.41
Length (Inches) 7.29 6.59
Width of Grip(Inches) 1.26 1.35
Width of Slide(Inches) 1.13 1.14

What is VP9 SK?

The H&K VP9SK is a large-ish “subcompact,” double-stack pistol that is purpose-made for concealed carry and it has many of the qualities of its larger namesake. You might consider this pistol for the manufacturer’s reputation for producing firearms of excellent quality.

Which is better Sig Sauer vs HK?

It’s hard to pick a better handgun, but overall, the P320 provides greater versatility, while the VP9 has unique qualities that make it better for certain people. Luckily, you can easily find both the Sig Sauer P320 for sale and the HK VP9 for sale easily online.

Can you conceal carry VP9 HK?

This full-size pistol is well-suited for duty, target, and match shooting, and even for concealed carry by the determined individual.

Is the VP9 a compact gun?

“The VP9 SK is the right combination of compact size and firepower for a subcompact—and it’s loaded with unique HK features like our adjustable ergonomic grip—the only grip in the industry that can be customized to fit any shooter,” said Michael Holley, HK-USA Vice President for Commercial Sales and Marketing.