Top Bulk Cable Companies In 2021

Top Bulk Cable Companies In 2021

Advanced technology has prompted a revolution of bulk cables made with strong, flexible, and ultra-durable materials. Bulk cables have gained popularity in this world of technology for their essential value whenever extensive in-house networking is needed.

However, it would be challenging to determine the suitable cable for you since different installations have different dimensions. Therefore, it is better to go for the bulk cables to avoid measurement errors. Besides, with an extensive bulk cable, you can always cut the extra for future use.

The challenge with bulk cables is that they come in numerous types, so you need to understand each type to make informed purchase decisions. Below you will find details of the different types of bulk cables and the top companies producing and supplying them.

Bulk Cat5e Cable

The cat5e cable is an improved version of the category 5 cables and has Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and a bandwidth of 100MHz. These features show that the cat5e cable can transmit loads of data with a 1 Gb/second capability. It is the best option for a residential Ethernet network with numerous computers.

Bulk Cat 6a Cable

It is a generation of Ethernet cables used for large-scale LAN networks. Most of these networks are found in workplaces and learning institutions.

The cable has a 500MHz bandwidth and can transfer up to 10 GBs per second. The cable comes with strong protective insulation that enhances its performance and durability.

The USB Cables

They are used to connect computers with peripheral devices. Some of these cables are used for data transfer from smartphones and can also perform the charging task. A bulk USB pack provides numerous cables that you can use to replace the primary one.

Vertical RG6 Cable

The technological revolution led to the update of digital frequencies, especially for TV broadcasts. The TV broadcast developments have made the coaxial cable popular with its thick insulation, powerful shielding, and larger conductor for high-quality internet and satellite signals.

The new model has replaced the former RG59 model as it provides a safe and better signal quality gaining trust among customers.

Ethernet Cables, Bulk Cable Companies

  • Cablesys is based in California and focuses on the large-scale production of cables, wires, and connectivity used in data centers. Cablesys was founded in the 90 with Canada and the U.S making up its main market.

Chiefly, the company is known for its connectivity solutions through audio, video, Cat5e, fiber optics and Cat6. The company complies with the TIA standards and is listed for safety by UL. As the company grows, it expands the product portfolio to remain in touch with the evolving technological world.

  • General Cable is also based in Kentucky and has numerous international manufacturing plants and offices. It started in the late 1920s after a merger of other companies such as the Rome Wire Company, founded in the nineteenth century.

Today, The General Cable deals with optical fiber, aluminum, and bulk copper cables. Most of General Cable’s customers comprise communication, specialty, construction, and energy firms. The company has penetrated local and international markets through other brands such as NextGen and Anaconda.

  • Blackbox is one of the most popular bulk network cable producers in the U.S. Notably, its experience contributes to its global acclamation as the best provider of IT infrastructure solutions. The company produces network cabling accessories and bulk Ethernet cables.

The company ensures that it provides exceptional and durable bulk cables. Mostly, the fiber and copper cables produced by Blackbox are made for data centers, multimedia systems, industrial environments and datacom connections.

  • C2G- The Company was founded in the 80s with the Title “Cable to go”, which later transformed to shorter C2G. C2G provides cabling solutions through end-to-end connectivity in markets such as healthcare, hospitality, education and digital signage.

The company’s production was enhanced after joining the Legrand data division, which is a leader in network infrastructure. C2G operates as a Legrand brand giving it a competitive portfolio for the production, distribution and installation of all types of cables in data centers and devices.

  • Belden- It has its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri and operates in Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, Europe, and America. Belden is known for its connector technology that has facilitated advancements in modern industries. In addition to the bulk cable connection, the company also handles wireless connections.

Belden has made several acquisitions of late to keep it competitive and overarching. Some of these new acquisitions, such as Belgium based OTN Systems in 2021, widened Belden’s market segment and product range.

Bulk Ethernet cables are significant for solid connection and experience. You should understand the different features for each cable type to achieve desired results. Note that proper cable maintenance enhances performance and durability at home or the workplace.