Was there an election in 2007?

Was there an election in 2007?

The 2007 United States elections were held on Tuesday, November 6. During this off-year election, the only seats up for election in the United States Congress were special elections held throughout the year. None of these congressional seats changed party hands.

How often are municipal elections held in Canada?

Municipal elections in Canada fall within the jurisdiction of the various provinces and territories, who usually hold their municipal elections on the same date every two, three or four years, depending on the location.

When was the last provincial election in Canada?

Riding names are listed at the bottom. The 2018 Ontario general election was held on June 7, 2018, to elect the 124 members of the 42nd Parliament of Ontario.

When was the previous federal election in Canada?

October 21, 2019

Leader since April 14, 2013 January 17, 2019
Leader’s seat Papineau Beloeil—Chambly
Last election 184 seats, 39.47% 10 seats, 4.66%
Seats before 177 10
Seats won 157 32

How many terms can a mayor serve in Canada?

The mayor is elected alongside city council every four years on the fourth Monday of October; there are no term limits. While in office, mayors are styled His/Her Worship. John Tory has served as the 65th and current mayor of Toronto since taking office on December 1, 2014 following the 2014 mayoral election.

What is provincial vote?

Provisional ballots are ballots cast by voters who: Believe they are registered to vote even though their names are not on the official voter registration list at the polling place.

Who ran in the 2015 Canadian election?

See the complete results below. The 42nd Canadian federal election was held on October 19, 2015. The incumbent Conservative Party of Canada of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, in office since 2006, was defeated by the Liberal Party of Canada under the leadership of Justin Trudeau.

When did Justin Trudeau become prime minister?

He is the 23rd and current Prime Minister of Canada. He is also the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. He was elected leader on April 14, 2013. After leading his party to a majority government win in the 2015 federal election, Trudeau became the Prime Minister.

Who were the presidential nominees in 2008?

2008 United States presidential election

Nominee Barack Obama John McCain
Party Democratic Republican
Home state Illinois Arizona
Running mate Joe Biden Sarah Palin
Electoral vote 365 173