What annular means?

What annular means?

: of, relating to, or forming a ring an annular skin lesion.

What does annular shape mean?

adjective. Forming or shaped like a ring. Pertaining to, or having the form of, a ring; forming a ring; ringed; ring-shaped; as, annular fibers; in the shape of an annulus. adjective. Banded or marked with circles.

What is the definition of a annular eclipse?

: an eclipse in which a thin outer ring of the sun’s disk is not covered by the smaller dark disk of the moon.

What is the annular finger?

The phrase is sometimes used to refer specifically to the third finger of the left hand, on which engagement and wedding rings are traditionally placed, but it very often refers to the third finger of either hand. During the first half of the 17th century the term “annular finger” came into use.

What does annulus mean in medical terms?

[an´u-lus] (pl. a´nuli) (L.) a small ring or encircling structure; also spelled annulus.

What is annulus in heart?

The mitral annulus constitutes the anatomical junction between the ventricle and the left atrium, and serves an insertion site for the leaflet tissue. It is often divided segmentally according to the site of leaflet insertion (the anterior or posterior annulus).

What is an annular eclipse quizlet?

annular eclipse. An eclipse of the Sun in which the Moon is too distant to cover the Sun completely, so that a ring of sunlight is seen around the Moon at mid-eclipse. apogee. The point in its orbit where a satellite or the Moon is farthest from the Earth.

What happens during an annular solar eclipse?

During an annular solar eclipse, the moon partially blocks sunlight from reaching the earth. It occurs when the distance between the moon and the earth is large. Since this distance is large, the moon looks small and therefore does not cover the sun entirely.

What does Serpiginous mean in medicine?

Serpiginous means creeping from one place to another. In medicine, it was originally, and still is commonly, applied to skin lesions that spread with an undulating border. However, radiology adopted the term in a manner synonymous with serpentine to mean tortuous, especially when describing blood vessels 2-4.

What is the meaning of an annular ring in a tree?

Each year, the tree forms new cells, arranged in concentric circles called annual rings or annual growth rings. These annual rings show the amount of wood produced during one growing season. In Canada and the North United States, the growing season begins in the spring.

What does annular scotoma mean?

Princeton’s WordNet (0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: annular scotoma (noun) a circular scotoma surrounding the center of the field of vision.

What does annular zone mean?

annular zone (Noun) A ring of fibers on the stem of a mushroom that is not well enough defined to be called an annulus. How to pronounce annular zone?

What does annular eclipse mean?

Definition of annular eclipse. : an eclipse in which a thin outer ring of the sun’s disk is not covered by the smaller dark disk of the moon.