What are Marine Force Recon requirements?

What are Marine Force Recon requirements?

Requirements of RECON Marines You’ll need a score of 105 or higher on the general technical segment of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) tests. You need a first-class swimmer qualification and a first-class score on the physical fitness test.

Is Marine Force Recon hard to get into?

Why do so many candidates fail to become Reconnaissance Marines? With an attrition rate of over 50 percent, the Basic Reconnaissance Course (BRC) is one of the more difficult Special Operations selection programs in the U.S. military.

How long does it take to become a Marine Force Recon?

It may take one or two schools, or it may take several, before they are fully qualified in their described Military Occupational Specialty or MOS. On average, it will take 1.5 to 2-years to train a fully qualified Marine Reconnaissance Operator.

Is Marine Force Recon Special Forces?

Although Force Recon has never been part of the United States Special Operations Command, their missions slightly differentiate themselves from other United States Special Operations Forces units. Colloquially, they are specialized in all tactical areas of warfare.

How do I join Force Recon?

Joining Force Recon

  1. Possess a first-class swimmer qualification.
  2. Obtain a first-class score on the PFT.
  3. Have 20/200 near visual acuity or visual acuity not to exceed 20/400 with a completed PRK eye surgery.
  4. Complete Marine Rifleman Course.

How hard is Force Recon training?

The Reconnaissance selection and training course is intensely rigorous. A high dropout rate is a testament to how challenging both the physical and mental aspects of Recon selection are. But it is also frustrating for the Marine Corps—and expensive.

How hard is it to become Force Recon?

The Reconnaissance selection and training course is intensely rigorous. Thanks to the Marines’ amphibious nature, much of selection involves swimming and underwater training in addition to timed marches and other physical fitness tests.

How do I get into Force Recon?

Enlisted Marines and new recruits can qualify to become a Recon Marine candidate if they:

  1. Are a U.S. citizen.
  2. Score a 105 or higher on your ASVAB’s General Technical section.
  3. Be very physically fit as a swimmer and for fitness tests.
  4. Can get a secret security clearance.
  5. Pass a screening for selection.

How long does it take to be Force Recon?

The Basic RECON Course is nine weeks long and has three phases that challenge Marines to their fullest, both physically and tactically.

Do Recon Marines get deployed?

Deployment. Deployments can vary depending on the needs of the Marine Corps and the current world situation. These can be a 6-8 month combat deployment to a current hot zone or a float, which is a 6 month cruise on an all-inclusive US Navy Ship.

What are the Marine Special Forces called?

The Marine Raider Regiment, formerly known as the Marine Special Operations Regiment (MSOR), is a special operations force of the United States Marine Corps, part of Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC).

Are Recon Marines like Navy SEALs?

They are similar to the Navy SEALs in that they are heavily trained in airborne and combat diving techniques in order to allow them to bypass traditional land defense systems. The difference between them is that the SEALs’ purpose is to kill the enemy, while Force Recon’s main purpose is simply to gather intelligence.

How do I become a Force Recon Marine?

Marine Recon applicants are put through a wide variety of specialized training, and Marines must pass every single test in order to graduate to the Recon force. After completing regular recruit training and the school of infantry , students start with a Basic Recon Course (BRC).

What are the requirements to become a recon Marine?

Basic requirements for getting into the Marine Recon include a General Technical (GT) test score of 105 or higher, perfect 20/20 vision or vision that can be corrected to 20/20, and no moral or drug waivers on record.

How do you join Marine Force Recon?

Possess a 1st class swimmer qualification. Obtain a first class score on the PFT. Have 20/200 near visual acuity or visual acuity not to exceed 20/400 with a completed PRK eye surgery. Normal color vision is recommended, but not required provided the Marine can complete a vivid red and vivid green recognition test. Complete Marine Rifleman Course.

How can someone become a recon Marine?

Join the marines. Contact a recruiter via Marines.com.

  • Undergo Marine Recruit Training. Receive lessons in the School of Infantry to become a rifleman.
  • Make your way over to RTC.
  • Understand what it takes to be admitted into BRPC (basic reconnaissance primer course).
  • Train consistently for those tests.