What are some disturbing facts about the Bogdanoff brothers?

What are some disturbing facts about the Bogdanoff brothers?

This theory states that the Bogdanoff brothers have a complete monopoly over DNA testing labs around the world. There are even a number of people who believe that the Bogdanoff twins developed nanobots for the purpose of creating a collective consciousness to replace human free will.

Is it true that the Bogdanoff brothers own castles?

There is even a conspiracy theory that the Bogdanoff brothers that they own castles all over the world, which the ultimate symbol of royalty. While this may or may not be true, they did indeed get raised in the castle of their countess grandmother. They had pampering to the maximum with servants waiting on them hand and foot.

Who are Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff and what do they do?

They are published authors who are able to communicate with extraterrestrials and have a lot of out-there opinions on the universe. Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff are fraternal twin brothers who are famous French TV producers and scientific essayists.

How did the Bogdanoff twins communicate with aliens?

Apparently, the twins have the psychic ability to communicate with aliens. Though the mechanisms at which they use to communicate with extraterrestrials is unclear, it seems to suite them given the fact that they look like aliens themselves.

Is the Bogdanoff twins really descendants of pharaohs?

Though their faces are deceiving since they have undergone plastic surgery, this chart compares the twin’s faces with that of an ancient pharaoh named Akenhaton. As anyone knows, the Russian born Bogdanoff twins are not really descendants of pharaohs…or are they?

How did the Bogdanov affair become a meme?

The two have been involved in a number of controversies, most notably the Bogdanov affair, however, their personalities, family origins, and physical appearances are often more than enough fodder for Internet forums. In December 2016, 4chan users ironically suggested the twins had an immense influence on French politics, and thus a meme was born.