What are the themes of the evening sun?

What are the themes of the evening sun?

That Evening Sun Themes

  • Racism and Segregation. “That Evening Sun” is set in the early 1900s in the fictional town of Jefferson, Mississippi.
  • Naivety, Ignorance, and Nostalgia.
  • Fear and Vulnerability.

What are the two themes of That Evening Sun?

In That Evening Sun by William Faulkner we have the theme of fear, innocence and inequality. Taken from his Selected Short Stories collection the story is narrated in the first person by a young man called Quentin Compson and it is worth noting that the title of the story comes from a W.C.

What Is That Evening Sun about?

“That Evening Sun” is a dark portrait of white Southerners’ indifference to the crippling fears of one of their black employees, Nancy.

What does the ditch symbolize in That Evening Sun?

The ditch that separates the Compson place from Nancy’s shack could be seen to symbolize the enormous gulf that divides black people and white people in the Old South.

How Does That Evening Sun end?

The end of the story shows the father and his three children walking the lane back home as Nancy is left abandoned in her house, wailing. The twenty-four-year-old Quentin who is narrating seems, throughout the text, to have been avoiding facing how inadequate his family was at protecting Nancy.

What happens to Nancy in the evening sun?

Nancy, who has been violently beaten by a white man named Mr. Stovallearlier in the story, and who is pregnant with a white man’s child because of her prostitution, feels that there is nothing she can do to protect herself against Jesus.

Who will do our washing now father?

When Quentin asks of his father at the end of the story, “Who will do our washing now, father?” he is cognizant only of the vacuum about to emerge in his life with Nancy’s absence from his home. That Nancy may not live to see the next day is beyond his imagination.

What year does that evening sun take place?

Setting. “That Evening Sun” is set in Faulkner’s familiar fictional town of Jefferson, in his invented Yoknapatawpha County, at the turn of the century—some critics suggest 1898 or 1899.

What happens at the end of that evening sun?

Who will do the washing now father?

What does Quentin’s question who will do the washing now father?

The opening paragraphs describe the children’s interest in Nancy as a washerwoman; the story ends with Quentin’s accepting Nancy’s death and wondering, “Who will do our washing now, Father?” Likewise, the opening emphasizes how Jesus is different from other husbands; at the end, he is likely outside Nancy’s shack.

Who is Quentin in That Evening Sun?

Quentin Compson, the narrator of “That Evening Sun,” tells the story as an adult looking back on his childhood memories of the Compson family’s doomed black servant, Nancy. A sensitive and observant child, Quentin is fascinated and unnerved by Nancy’sfear of her husband, Jesus.