What are the two most visited volcanoes in Ecuador?

What are the two most visited volcanoes in Ecuador?

Read on in this blog to appreciate some of the most beautiful and popular volcanoes in Ecuador!

  • Antisana (4th Highest Volcano in Ecuador)
  • Cayambe (3rd Highest Volcano in Ecuador)
  • Cotopaxi (2nd Highest Volcano in Ecuador)
  • Chimborazo (Highest of all Volcanoes in Ecuador & the closest point on Earth to the Moon!)

Which rainforest is in Ecuador?

The Amazon Rainforest
The Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador covers the eastern portion of the country. It includes six Ecuadorian provinces: Napo, Orellana, Pastaza, Sucumbios, Morona Santiago, and Zamora-Chinchipe. 3) The number of animal species found in Ecuador’s Amazon is outstanding.

Does Quito Ecuador have volcanoes?

Chacana is an active stratovolcano 30 km SE of Quito, Ecuador. The volcano is one of the largest rhyolitic centers of the northern Andes and contains a large 32 km long and 24 km wide eroded caldera.

What is the most active volcano in Ecuador?

Cotopaxi is one of Ecuador’s most active volcanoes and, at 5,897m (19,347 ft), its second-highest peak after the Chimborazo.

What are the names of the biggest volcanoes in Ecuador?


Name Meters Feet
Cotopaxi 5897 19,347
Cuicocha 3246 10,649
Illiniza 5248 17,213

What city is the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador?

Take a flight directly to the capital of Quito, and in only five hours by bus or van, you can get to the border of the rainforest at the city of Tena. There are actually six cities based here: Coca, Lago Agrio, Orellana, Papallacta, Puyo and Tena, but Tena is seen as the main and most used gateway.

What percent of the Amazon rainforest is in Ecuador?

Ecuador contains only about two percent of the Amazon basin, which covers the eastern part of the country.

Are there any active volcanoes in Ecuador?

Ecuador and Galapagos Islands have 27 potentially active volcanoes. Most of these are continental: Cayambe, Reventador, Guagua Pichincha, Cotopaxi, Tungurahua, Sangay , Chacana among some. Thomas Chico Volcano, Alcedo, Darwin and Wolf and Sierra Negra.

What is a volcano close to Quito?

Guagua Pichincha is one of Ecuador’s most active volcanoes. The stratovolcano is part of a complex that rises immediately west of the capital Quito, at only 8 km distance from the city center. 3 major explosive eruptions have occurred at Guagua Pichincha in the past 2000 years, the most recent one in 1660.

What are 5 interesting things about Ecuador?

Ecuador Facts: 10 Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know

  • Ecuador means “equator” in Spanish.
  • Yasuni Park is one of the most bio-diverse places on the planet.
  • The Galapagos Islands inspired the Theory of Evolution.
  • Chocolate has a long history in Ecuador.
  • Ecuador is where to find orchid flowers.

What is Ecuador good for?

8 Interesting Facts About Ecuador

  • Ecuador is the closest country to space.
  • Ecuador is the only country in the world named after a geographical feature.
  • Ecuador has the world’s first UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • Ecuador had a long-standing border conflict with Peru.
  • Ecuador was once joined with Colombia and Venezuela.

How tall is the highest volcano in Ecuador?

Sangay volcano is one of the highest active volcanoes in the world and one of Ecuador’s most active ones. Located isolated east of the Andean crest, with it’s perfect steep cone shape and glacier-covered top, it towers majestically at 5230 m high above the Amazonian rainforest. [ more ]

Where is the Reventador volcano in Ecuador located?

Reventador is an active stratovolcano which lies in the eastern Andes of Ecuador. It lies in a remote area of the national park of the same name, which is Spanish for ‘exploder’ or ‘ripper’.

Where is the black giant volcano in Ecuador?

Tungurahua. Tungurahua comes from Quichua tunguri (throat), rahua (fire), and it means “Throat of Fire” but it is also known as the “The Black Giant.”. This active stratovolcano is located in the Cordillera Oriental of Ecuador. The volcano gives its name to the province of Tungurahua, home to the lovely town of Baños.

Where is the Aliso volcano in Ecuador located?

Aliso volcano is a newly discovered active stratovolcano complex at the eastern foot of the Ecuadorian Andes, east of Antisana volcano and SW of the town of Baeza. It contains andesitic lava flows, lava domes and pyroclastic flow deposits.