What are the ways to add the action items in action bar?

What are the ways to add the action items in action bar?

All action buttons and other items available in the action overflow are defined in an XML menu resource. To add actions to the action bar, create a new XML file in your project’s res/menu/ directory. The app:showAsAction attribute specifies whether the action should be shown as a button on the app bar.

What is support action bar?

In its most basic form, the action bar displays the title for the activity on one side and an overflow menu on the other. Even in this simple form, the app bar provides useful information to the users, and helps to give Android apps a consistent look and feel.

What is window action bar?

windowActionBar is an attribute provided in AppCompat library, where as android:windowActionBar is provided in Material theme.

What are the components of an android action bar?

Android ActionBar can contain menu items which become visible when the user clicks the “menu” button. In general an ActionBar consists of the following four components: App Icon: App branding logo or icon will be displayed here View Control: A dedicated space to display Application title.

What does the home icon on the action bar mean?

The action bar shows an icon of your application. This is called the home icon. You can assign an action to this icon. The recommendation is to return to the main activity in your program if the user selects this icon.

What does showasaction mean in android action bar?

android:showAsAction: This attribute indicates how the given item should be portrayed in the action bar. We can choose from any of the flags mentioned below: always to keep it in the ActionBar at all times. ifRoom to keep it only if space is available.

How do I change the icon on the action bar?

Action bar by default displays the application icon which was set using android:icon in the AndroidManifest.xml file. So if you want to change the action bar icon, you can do it by calling setIcon(drawable) on to action bar.