What carries over into new game plus Persona 4 Golden?

What carries over into new game plus Persona 4 Golden?

Persona 4 / Golden. The following carry over when the player begins a new cycle: The Persona Compendium, as well as any items that granted a summoning discount. The number of slots to store Personas.

What do you keep in NG+ p4g?

You will start the game from the beginning, but several attributes will carry over including:

  • Money.
  • Play Time.
  • Social Qualities.
  • Max Social Link Key Items.
  • Persona Compendium.
  • Persona Compendium Discounts.
  • 12 Persona Slots.
  • Skill Cards in Velvet Room.

Is it worth playing New Game Plus Persona 4?

Persona 4: Golden includes plenty of reasons to replay the classic JRPG, including New Game Plus. New Game Plus provides plenty of replayability to Persona 4: Golden, allowing the player to go through the game again with some of their stats and unlocks from their original save file.

Do confidant ranks carry over to NG+?

Confidant rankings do not carry over into New Game Plus since most of them are tied to story progress, so you’ll still need to spend time with your many confidants to get their rankings up. But New Game Plus makes this easier by giving you all the social stats you unlocked from your first game.

Do confidants carry over in New Game Plus?

All social stats carry over, allowing the player to start with max stats if they were diligent the first time. This can make accessing certain events or confidants much easier. All equipment obtained in the first playthrough carries over, allowing for easy dispatch of any enemies the second time around.

Do personas carry over to new game?

All of the personas that you unlocked during your playthrough will carry over into New Game +. As long as you have the money to do so, you can re-summon them from the Velvet Room. Any Skill Cards that you found during your playthrough will carry over into New Game +.

What do Max social link items do?

When a social link has reached it’s max, the charicter associated with said social link will give you an item durring the max event. This item allowes you to fuse the ultimate persona for said Arcana that the social link corresponds to. Not every time you spend time with a Social link will it cause a rank.

Is Persona 4 Golden animation new game plus?

It Moves! In Japan, video games get adapted into anime series all the time, but this is the first time I’ve seen the second playthrough of a game get an anime that winks at the viewer. …

How do you farm money in Persona 4 Golden?

The best way to level up and farm money in the game is in the Secret Lab location. Head over to the fifth dungeon and head to the sixth floor. Three shadows will appear and what the player needs is for one of these shadows to be the golden hand.

What confidant abilities carry over to NG+?

They include Knowledge, Guts, Proficiency, Kindness, and Charm. In New Game +, all of your progress in these areas carries forward, meaning that if you managed to max all of them out, you won’t have to spend time growing your stats in your New Game + playthrough.

Can you max all confidants in one playthrough?

Maxing your confidants out in a single playthrough of Persona 5 is a difficult task. Since social stats carry over into New Game Plus, maxing Confidants on a second playthrough is far easier. In a first playthrough, you must spend every possible moment either maxing your stats or working on a relationship.

Do you keep confidant abilities in NG+?

New Game+ Benefits Secret bosses are also unlocked, as well as carrying over certain Confidant-related effects. However, if you finished the game and received a bad ending, you can’t avail of the Confidant-related effects. Among these effects are Christmas Gifts and Final items.

How to play Persona 4 under new game plus?

After completing Persona 4 one time, you will be able to play it again under a New Game Plus. Simply save the game after the credits roll, then load the last save file. If you wish to start from scratch, choose New Game instead of loading the New Game Plus save file. The difficulty settings can also be adjusted…

What are the changes in Persona 4 Golden?

There are even a few notable changes between the PC port of Persona 4: Golden and the original PlayStation Via release, such as the ability to change the difficulty at any point no longer being restricted to New Game Plus. Players can also now encounter the powerful Reaper Persona at any point in the game, after opening 21 chests.

How many slots do you have in Persona 4?

Persona slots (you begin with the game’s maximum of 12). Max social link items (gained from reaching social link level 10 with a social link friend). Money (yen). Play time.

What does a new game plus get You?

The only thing different about New Game Plus is the ability to change the difficulty bonuses. So you can change everything against you or for you in the difficulty you play in. So if you played Risky and hated the 40% EXP, Yen yield you can change it to normal or 2X in this option before starting the new game plus.