What causes lunotriquetral coalition?

What causes lunotriquetral coalition?

Lunotriquetral coalition results from malsegmentation of the common cartilaginous carpal precursor of the lunate and triquetral bone [4]. This coalition may be fibrous (syndesmosis), cartilaginous (synchondrosis), predominately a mixture of both or osseous.

What is Lunotriquetral coalition?

Lunotriquetral coalition is the most common type of congenital carpal anomaly and represents congenital fusion of the lunate and triquetral bones of the carpus. It is most often diagnosed as an incidental finding in asymptomatic patients.

What is Lunotriquetral ligament?

The lunotriquetral (LT) ligament is an intrinsic ligament of the wrist, more particular an interosseous carpal ligament which provide stability to the proximal carpal row. This ligament has a thin, horseshoe- shaped structure and can be divided into three parts: a dorsal, a proximal and a volar one.

Where is the triquetrum?

The triquetrum is one of eight carpal bones that forms part of the wrist joint. It is a pyramidal shaped bone that can be found in the medial side of the wrist. The name triquetrum is derived from the Latin word triquetrus which means “three-cornered”.

What is ulnar impaction syndrome?

Ulnar carpal impaction also referred to as ulnar impaction syndrome or ulnar abutment or ulnocarpal loading, is a common cause of ulnar sided wrist pain. It is a degenerative condition in which the ulnar head impacts the ulnar-sided carpus and the triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC).

What is the Scapholunate ligament?

The scapholunate is an interosseous carpal ligament that provides stability to the proximal carpal row. It consists of dorsal, proximal and palmar segments that bridge the scaphoid and lunate.

How do you treat a Scapholunate ligament tear?

Treatment for a Scapholunate ligament tear This may involve a wrist brace or a cast for 2-6 weeks, minimizing activity that causes pain such a tight gripping or pushing, and anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen.

How long does a Triquetral fracture take to heal?

Most simple fractures heal in 6-12 weeks.

What is the function of the triquetral?

Functions: What does the Triquetrum Bone Do Its primary function is to shape up and maintain the flexibility of human wrists along with the other carpal bones.

How long does it take for a triquetral fracture to heal?

Triquetral body fractures are usually nondisplaced and heal well with cast immobilization for 6 weeks.

Is ulnar impaction syndrome serious?

This causes inflammation on the ulnar, or little-finger side, of the hand, and consequently, pain and swelling in the wrist. UIS is a degenerative wrist condition. Oftentimes, degenerative problems are irreversible as well as progressive. Fortunately, ulnar impaction syndrome is curable and treatable.

How do you fix ulnar impaction syndrome?

Ulnar abutment syndrome can be treated by a variety of nonsurgical and surgical methods. These range from anti-inflammatory medications, immobilization, and corticosteroid injections to TFCC debridement, ulnar shortening osteotomies, and arthroscopic wafer procedures.

Can a fusion of the lunotriquetral coalition be performed?

If surgical intervention is required, complete fusion of the coalition is accepted as one of the treatments. To that end, lunotriquetral coalition arthrodesis is performed [10]. However, carpal fusions can cause wrist instability and arthritis.

How is the lunotriquetral coalition arthrodesis treated?

Lunotriquetral coalition is managed conservatively or surgically. Initially, immobilization, elevation and anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed [2]. If surgical intervention is required, complete fusion of the coalition is accepted as one of the treatments. To that end, lunotriquetral coalition arthrodesis is performed [10].

Can a carpal coalition cause ulnar sided wrist pain?

Whilst osseous coalitions of the lunate and the triquetrum are known to be asymptomatic, fibrocartilaginous lunotriquetral coalitions can present as an uncommon cause of ulnar-sided wrist pain often due to the pseudarthrosis or a post-traumatic disruption 3,8 . Carpal coalitions can follow an autosomal dominant route of inheritance

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