What company owns Blue Rhino?

What company owns Blue Rhino?

Blue Rhino is a brand of Ferrellgas, one of the nation’s largest employee-owned propane leaders.

How did Blue Rhino get its name?

Billy came up with the name during an African photo safari. He saw a rhino, and thought it looked like a propane tank. He added blue because it’s the color of a propane flame. The brand was born.

What is the Blue Rhino?

A potent cross between White Rhino and Blueberry, Blue Rhino is an indica-dominant strain that rewards with nearly 20% THC, as well as 2% CBD – providing a sensational high.

Is Blue Rhino publicly traded?

Under the terms of the agreement, Ferrellgas purchased shares of Blue Rhino (the company was traded on the Nasdaq under the symbol RINO) in a transaction worth approximately $340 million. Known mostly for its exchange of 20-pound barbeque grill tanks, Blue Rhino boasts other product lines.

Who owns AmeriGas propane?

UGI Corporation
AmeriGas/Parent organizations

Who invented Blue Rhino?

Billy Prim
CEO Corner with Billy Prim, Founder of Blue Rhino and Primo Water.

Can I fill a Blue Rhino tank anywhere?

Blue Rhino will accept any standard gas grill tank, as long as it is in acceptable condition. We accept all brands of propane for exchange. Watch this video to learn more.

How much is AmeriGas stock?

APU Price/Volume Stats

Current price $31.22 52-week high
Day low $30.99 Volume
Day high $31.59 Avg. volume
50-day MA $33.80 Dividend yield
200-day MA $32.37 Market Cap

When did ferrellgas sell Blue Rhino?

Ferrellgas Partners LP (Overland Park, Kan.) said Aug. 1, 2018 it had divested its Bridger Environmental, Bridger Transportation, and Bridger Terminals businesses and its Blue Rhino Global Sourcing lines of business.

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