What condition does Yuki Sohma have?

What condition does Yuki Sohma have?

severe respiratory problems
As a young child, Yuki suffered from severe respiratory problems that inhibited him from doing most things. When he was still very young, his mother sold him off to Akito due to him being the Rat and therefore the “closest to God”.

What episode does Yuki Sohma get sick?

“Fruits Basket” The Source of Cheer Can Be Affected by Colds Too (TV Episode 2001) – IMDb.

What does Yuki Sohma yearn for?

Since Yuki never had a functioning relationship with his mother, the thing he craved most was unconditional love, support, and acceptance from someone that would never reject him. This is what he found in Tohru, as she had been giving him everything his mother didn’t.

Why did Yuki transform when Tohru said his name?

Why did Yuki transform when Tohru said his name? Tohru didn’t start calling Yuki by his first name (so, calling him “Yuki-kun”) until Haru suggested it as something that would make him happy. It is significant for Tohru to switch to using his first name because it signals a level of familiarity and closeness.

Is Fruits Basket about mental health?

Fruits Basket, while dated in some respects, pushes for a radical sense of tolerance, empathy, kindness, and de-stigmatization of mental health, while all the while critiquing toxic masculinity.

What episode does Tohru call Yuki?

And here, in episode 7 of Season 2, Tohru started calling Yuki as “Yuki-kun”, but Yuki didn’t blush (’cause he was too sad or frightened, maybe, since he met Akito that same day)!

What did Akito whisper to Yuki?

9 He Was Abused By Akito She went so far as to lock Yuki in a dark, windowless room for days at a time. Akito verbally, emotionally, and psychologically abused Yuki, telling him that he was worthless and no one would ever love him.

Is Haru in love with Yuki?

Ever since this event, Haru has loved Yuki and calls Yuki as his first love. Haru also mentions to Tohru that unlike any other person, Yuki is special to him. He mentions that he would still always love Yuki; much to Rin’s jealousy and Yuki’s dismay.

When did Tohru start calling Yuki by his name?

Did Yuki tells Tohru about the hat?

Due to the hat, Yuki “opened the lid” to his feelings, and initially confesses that he liked Tohru romantically. After coming to terms this fact, Yuki confronts Kyo, asking him if he still has to apologize for taking his hat away, since it now belongs to Tohru. Kyo does not answer.

Does Tohru Honda have depression?

She will likely become very depressed and angry at the world, and may resort to injuring herself or others. There’s a difference between covering severe depression behind a smile and truly believing in making the best of things. Tohru may be sad sometimes, but she smiles and acts happy because she WANTS to be happy.