What do kilt pins mean?

What do kilt pins mean?

The kilt pin is a piece of jewellery that is usually worn on the lower corner of the outer apron of a kilt. Its function is to prevent the apron falling or blowing open, by adding weight to the outer apron and is commonly seen as a form of decoration.

Where should a kilt pin be placed?

Traditionally a kilt pin is worn on the right hand side, pinned through the front apron 4 inches from the bottom of the kilt and 2 inches in from the fringing on the side. Make sure the pin is only through the front apron and not the layers underneath as this could result in damaging your kilt.

What are all the parts to a kilt?

These include :

  • The Belt – Traditionally made from leather with a decorative buckle.
  • The Sporran – From the Gaelic word ‘spleuchan’ meaning ‘purse’.
  • Kilt Knife – Called a ‘Sgian Dubh’ from the Gaelic meaning a ‘black knife’.
  • Kilt Pin – Small, decorative pin that is worn on the front panel of the kilt.

What is the pin on a kilt called?

A kilt pin is an accessory that is used to weigh down the outermost layer of a kilt – known as the apron – to keep the fabric in place.

How do you wear a kilt pin and brooch?

What is the proper way to wear a kilt?

Your kilt should be wrapped around your body with the pleats to the rear and the aprons overlapping at the front. The fringes should fall to your right-hand side. A kilt is meant to be worn high on the waist (above your navel), causing it to drop down to the middle of the knee.

What makes up a kilt outfit?

Our kilt outfits have quite a few different pieces to them. The shirt and socks should go on first followed by the flashes, sgian dubh and brogues. Next the kilt with kilt pin attached, tie, waistcoat and your chosen sporran.

What is the thing that hangs in front of a kilt?

An essential piece of Highland dress to accompany a Scotsman’s kilt is the ornately decorated pouch that hangs down the front, commonly referred to as the sporran.

What is a plaid brooch?

A plaid brooch is an essential element of Scottish highland dress. A plaid brooch is used to keep a Scottish fly plaid in place when it is customarily draped over a man’s right shoulder. Find an expertly crafted fly plaid brooch to compliment your style and perfect your Scottish highland wear.

Where do you put the kilt pin on a kilt?

The kilt pin should be worn on the right-hand side of the front apron, about 4 inches from the bottom of the kilt and about 2 inches from the fringe Take care that you only fasten the kilt pin through the front apron. Pinning it through both multiple layers is nontraditional, but even more importantly,…

What’s the purpose of a kilt pin on an apron?

Instead, the main purpose of the kilt pin is really a decorative one. It adds a little bit of personal flair to your outfit and serves the additional purpose of adding a bit of extra weight to make the apron hang better.

When did the Royal Military College of Canada get a kilt pin?

The members of Royal Military College of Canada Bands were issued kilt pins in 2006 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the pipes and drums band. The stylised dagger design of the Kilt Pin made by Islay Spalding for MacKenzie Caledonian Pipe Band in Dundee, Scotland.

Where did the Mackenzie Caledonian Pipe Band get their pins from?

The MacKenzie Caledonian Pipe Band from Dundee, Scotland, had bespoke kilt pins designed by Kilt Pin Jeweller Islay Spalding, who has close links with the band. Made in 2015 they feature a modern stylisation of the traditional dagger shape.