What do you do in the watchtower in Lego Batman 3?

What do you do in the watchtower in Lego Batman 3?

Use an explosive attack to destroy the silver statues in the upper left corner of the room. Then use a character with the ‘sense’ ability in the area where the statues once stood to detect a silver box. Bust it open with an explosive attack to nab your Character Token.

How do you get past the forcefield in Lego Batman 3?

Joker has a gadget costume for that! Pull the magnetic switch to shut off the forcefield, allowing Cyborg to reach two green handles and pull open the door with his giant suit. Down the hallway, use the green panel with Batman’s sensor suit. Align all the pieces and a block with a grapple point will drop out.

How do you get Qward in Lego Batman 3?

To reach Qward, complete the Green Loontern’s “Permission to Launch” Quest in the Watchtower to enter the Moon Base. From there, you’ll need 40 Gold Bricks and have completed the Aw-Qward Situation level to construct the portal that will send you to Qward.

Does Lego Batman 3 have free roam?

Free roam gameplay from Qward in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. LEGO Batman 3 has 7 different Lantern planets that can be explored in free roam. They consist of the following planets: Ysmault, Qward, Okaara, Odym, Nok, Zamaron & Oa.

Where is the clam for AquaMan in Lego Batman 3?

Talk to Aquaman and listen to what he has to say. You will have to find an oyster and bring it to him. You will find the oyster in the Main Room. Go to the place shown in the picture and locate a silver box.

How do you save Adam West on Qward?

Fly to the roof and switch to The Atom. Shrink and go inside the small structure on the edge. At the end of it, you will find a button on the ground. Step on it and you will deactivate the laser barrier, rescuing Adam.

Does Lego Batman 3 have open world?

Another disappointment is that Lego Batman 3 does not feature a giant open world environment to explore, even though Lego Batman 2 and Lego Marvel did. By this point the game has overcome its initial problems, with moments that rival the best of any Lego game to date.

Is Lego Batman an open world game?

TT Games brings the world of DC Comics Caped Crusader to life in an entirely new way. Players can explore a richly interactive LEGO Gotham City as Batman and Robin, capturing infamous villains – and even take control of the villains themselves.

How to save Adam West in Lego Batman 3?

On the walkway on the left side of the room is a box with a gold lock. Pop the lock with a laser to get at the Charater Token inside. Use an electricity character like Shazam to power the Electricity Terminal on the left side walkway to save Adam West.

Where do you send Wonder in Lego Batman 3?

Send Robin’s Toy Wonder through the hatch on the right and use the Techno Terminal the toy emerges next to. Now send it through the hatch on the left to collect the Character Token. Speak to the Green Loontern then build the slideways teleporter out of the hopping bricks on the floor.

How to unlock the third character in watchtower?

You can unlock the third character in the Main Room. Approach the device shown in the picture and use the lever on the right. You will have to press the buttons on the ground in the right order (starting from the left: 1, 2, 3 – you have to press 1, 3, then 2). You will unlock Music Meister.

How to unlock platinum in Lego Batman 3?

Destroy the silver statues using an explosive attack and then, use the “Senses” ability to detect a silver box. Once again, use an explosive attack on the box and you will unlock Platinum. You will find the fifth Character Token in the same room (Trophy Room). Fly onto the platform shown in the picture and switch to Brainiac.