What do you wear to Pollen Street Social?

What do you wear to Pollen Street Social?

Full Bar Casual British Trendy, Romantic, Classy.

Where does Jason Atherton work?

Alongside his London restaurants, Jason has also opened critically-acclaimed restaurants in Shanghai, Dubai, St Moritz and his Michelin-starred restaurant, The Clocktower, in New York.

Who is Jason Atherton’s wife?

Irha Atherton
Jason Atherton/Wife

What happened to Jason from Hell’s Kitchen?

What is this? Jason Zepaltas was a Sous Chef and a former Hell’s Kitchen contestant (Season 9) from Chicago, Illinois. He was the Hell’s Kitchen Season 12 runner up and took his defeat well saying that Scott deserved to win. After Hell’s Kitchen, Jason returned to the kitchen, regularly appearing at Driftwood Inn.

Where did Jason Atherton meet his wife?

‘” The Athertons met in 2001 at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant in Dubai, where Jason was cooking. Irha was working in the hotel’s reception. “I spotted her and was like, ‘Ah, she’s fit!

Who has lost a Michelin star 2021?

The complete list of demoted restaurants can be found below:

  • The Greenhouse, London (closed)
  • Umu, London (demoted to one star)
  • Ledbury, London (closed)
  • Restaurant Nathan Outlaw, Cornwall (closed)
  • Alyn Williams at The Westbury, London (closed)
  • The Square, London (closed)
  • Roganic, London (closed)
  • Texture, London (closed)

Who lost Michelin stars 2021?

Among the one-star deletions was Aquavit in St James’s and Jason Atherton’s Social Eating House in Soho. Outside London, the Red Lion Freehouse in East Chisenbury, the Flitch of Bacon in Little Dunmow and the Black Rat in Winchester also lost their one-star accolades.

Who Owns Social Eating House?

chef Jason Atherton
Opened by Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton and Chef Patron Paul Hood, Social Eating House has an experienced and knowledgeable team on hand to deliver a memorable experience.

How did Jason Atherton meet his wife?