What does a MSD 6AL ignition box do?

What does a MSD 6AL ignition box do?

In fact, the Digital 6AL delivers over 530 volts to the coil with up to 135mJ of spark energy for every firing! Increased output combined with MSD’s proven multiple spark series is a win-win situation! The Digital 6AL is supplied with the wiring harness and the components you’ll need for installation.

Do MSD boxes get hot?

All is clean with good contact. That’s normal for them to get hot. MSD says to mount them in the engine compartment where there is good air flow.

Does MSD Ignition need vacuum advance?

Yeah it’ll work fine. Set initial timing at idle to ~around~ 18°, with full advance of ~around~ 35° all in by 2600-2800 RPM.

Do performance distributors make a difference?

“Performance ignitions allow for wider spark plug gaps (as most do) because of the more intense sparks they produce,” Steve explained. “To take advantage of the additional spark, open up your plug gaps exposing the larger flame to the combustion chamber – hence more power.

Do I need a MSD ignition box?

The ONLY time you need an elaborate ignition system is when running a seriously radical engine that has trouble igniting the cylinders because of very high compression and/or a very dense air/fuel mixture, or one that has problems dropping cylinders under WOT situations. Until then, it’s really not necessary.

What is an ignition box used for?

“The basic function of the automotive ignition system is to produce a spark that promotes the combustion of the air and fuel mixture,” explained MSD’s Todd Ryden.

Is vacuum advance necessary?

Plugging your vacuum advance into a direct source will allow it to engage at idle, which is good for a number of reasons. Much like cruise conditions, engines run leaner at idle than they do under load. Again, this means the mixture burns slower and needs an earlier spark to optimize the burn.

Does electronic ignition need vacuum advance?

And no, your electronic ignition does not eliminate the crucial need for vacuum distributor advance.

Will a new distributor improve performance?

Tips When Upgrading Your Distributor. Professional engine builders agree there’s a huge advantage in upgrading an older car with a points-type distributor to one with an electronic setup. Ask one, and they’ll tell you it really wakes an engine up, helps achieve better mileage, and allows smoother running at all rpms.

How does a distributor affect performance?

A faulty engine distributor won’t spark, which will either prevent the engine from starting or cause it a running engine to fail. The distributor also disburses current to the spark plugs initiating engine performance. Check the Distributer Cap. Often the distributor cap is suspect.

What is the point of an ignition box?

How does a stock MSD Ignition System work?

Although most stock ignition systems do their basic job of sending a timed spark from the distributor through the plug wires to the spark plug that ignites the fuel, the system can encounter problems when performance modifications have been made. What is MSD Multi-Spark?

Do you need capacitive discharge ignition for MSD?

These ignition systems do a decent job of creating combustion within an engine. However, if high horsepower is your goal then MSD suggests you should look at a capacitive discharge (CD) ignition.

Is the MSD digital 6 plus a digital ignition box?

MSD has recently added a new high tech weapon to the line-up, the MSD Digital 6 Plus. This digital ignition control box is loaded with features that put you in control of your ignition.

What are the advantages of a CD ignition system?

“The biggest advantage of a CD ignition system is its ability to produce full-power sparks through the engine’s entire RPM range with no fear of a weak spark at the top end,” explained Ryden.