What does a TS 6 position Chip do?

What does a TS 6 position Chip do?

The TS Performance Six Position Chip offers more power at the rear wheels than any other chip or downloader on the market. You can adjust between the 6 settings while driving by simply turning a knob mounted on the dash. No need to pull over and download a different setting while the competition passes you by.

Will a stock 7.3 Roll coal?

The only way to get the 7.3 to roll coal is to increase fuel delivery by way of programming. Stock, as well as most aftermarket tunes, will not have excess fuel… maybe a little bit more in tow tunes but I’ve only ever noticed a bit of coal when in tow mode and shifting to a higher gear under load.

What is a TS6?

TS6 Series II tractors are the standard of all-purpose tractors, yet these tractors are anything but basic. In short, they’re your best choice if you’re looking for a strong, modern and affordable all-purpose tractor.

What is a smoke switch?

It is when you hook a switch up to your VGT to shut it off and make the truck smoke like a *****.

Do chips really increase horsepower?

It increases the vehicle’s speed and power by making intelligent variations to the parameters such as the amount of fuel mixture supplied to your engine, ignition timing, fuel cut, and so on which ultimately increases the vehicle’s horsepower. Performance chips can help your car become more responsive.

How much boost can a stock 7.3 handle?

‘94.5-’99 7.3L: 380 to 400rwhp Either charger can hold up to 30-35 psi of boost for a while, but 40 psi or more is asking a lot for a turbo that was originally intended to see a maximum of 17 to 23 psi.

What is a PCM on a 7.3 Powerstroke?

The PCM (Powertrain Control Module) is the main computer that controls the engine, and the transmission if it is an automatic.

How does a smoke switch work?

yeah it os normally in the off or closed position allowing the turbo to function properly. When the switch is active it voids locks the turbo vaines in the closed position thus blowing black smoke. Allows you to blow smoke when needed but not get looked at badly for blowing smoke all the time constantly.