What does batch mean in school?

What does batch mean in school?

a group of students who are taught together at school, college, or university. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Groups and collections of things.

What is a batch number?

A batch number is a designation given to products made in the same manufacturing run. A batch number can consist of numerals, letters, or symbols, and it allows the items to be traced after they’ve been distributed.

What is meant by batch process?

Put simply, batch processing is the process by which a computer completes batches of jobs, often simultaneously, in non-stop, sequential order. It’s also a command that ensures large jobs are computed in small parts for efficiency during the debugging process.

What is the meaning of sample batch?

In manufacturing, a random sampling of purportedly identical units which is tested to ensure that all batches of the material produced are similar in their properties. Batch sampling is a means of ensuring batch consistency.

What does batch of mean?

countable noun. A batch of things or people is a group of things or people of the same kind, especially a group that is dealt with at the same time or is sent to a particular place at the same time. …the current batch of trainee priests. [ + of] She brought a large batch of newspaper cuttings. [

What is this word batch?

(Entry 1 of 3) 1 : the quantity baked at one time : baking. 2a : the quantity of material prepared or required for one operation specifically : a mixture of raw materials ready for fusion into glass. b : the quantity produced at one operation.

Where do I find a batch number?

Product Batch Numbers are found on either a small white gummed label on the can lid and sometimes on the box or it is printed on the can itself.

How do I find the batch number for my product?

Go to Inventory > Manufacturing and the following window will open: The Batch value is used to identify a specific manufacturing batch. Press the Tab key to automatically increment and set the next batch number.

What is batch process with example?

Batch processes generate a product but the sequential processes need not necessarily generate a product. Some examples of batch processes are beverage processing, biotech products manufacturing, dairy processing, food processing, pharmaceutical formulations and soap manufacturing.

What is the meaning of first batch?

DEFINITIONS1. an amount of a food that is prepared or baked at one time. He took the first batch of cakes out of the oven. Synonyms and related words. Amounts and pieces of food.

What is the purpose of a batch number?

In industrial terms, the batch number is the designation, in numbers and/or letters, to identify and trace a set of identical products that share certain characteristics of production (production time, production date, identification code, etc.).

Which is the best definition of the word batch?

c : a group of jobs (such as programs) that are submitted for processing on a computer and whose results are obtained at a later time batch processing — compare time-sharing. 3 : a quantity (as of persons or things) considered as a group. batch. verb (1)

What is a batch job in a computer?

In a computer, a batch job is a program that is assigned to the computer to run without further user interaction.

What do you call a machine that prints batch numbers?

Batch number printers or batch coders are terms commonly used by operators and maintenance managers for coding machines used to print or apply a label of the batch number on your product.