What does bleep mean in slang?

What does bleep mean in slang?

1 : a short high-pitched sound (as from electronic equipment) 2 —used in place of an obscene or vulgar expletive.

What does it mean to call a girl a toss?

It litterally could mean to pick up a woman and throw her. It could also mean to have sex with or to rob a woman. It would more likely be used in the last two as slang. See a translation.

What does bleeping someone mean?

(on TV, etc.) to replace a swear word with an electronic sound so that people will not hear the swear word and be offended : Oops! Can you bleep that? Sounds made by objects, movement or impact.

What does bleep up mean?

past participle. bleeped out. DEFINITIONS1. to replace a swearword in a television or radio broadcast with a short high sound, so that people are not offended. Synonyms and related words.

Is it bleep or beep?

As nouns the difference between bleep and beep is that bleep is a brief high-pitched sound, as from some electronic device while beep is the sound produced by the horn of a car, or any similar sound.

What does Tose mean?

To pull apart
Filters. To pull apart or asunder; touse.

What does it mean when someone calls you a toss up?

A toss-up is a situation that doesn’t have one outcome or choice that’s clearly better or more likely than another. If it seems like either basketball team could realistically win, you could call that game a toss-up.

Why do they bleep swear words?

Bleeping has been used for many years as a means of censoring TV and radio programs to remove content not deemed suitable for “family”, “daytime”, “broadcasting”, or “international” viewing, as well as sensitive classified information for security.

What is meaning of beeped?

/biːp/ [ I or T ] (to cause) to make a short, loud sound: The cab driver beeped (his horn) impatiently at the cyclist.

What bleep sounds like?

A beep is a short, single tone, typically high-pitched, generally made by a computer or other machine. The term has its origin in onomatopoeia. The word “beep-beep” is recorded for the noise of a car horn in 1929, and the modern usage of “beep” for a high-pitched tone is attributed to Arthur C. Clarke in 1951.

Which is the best definition of the word Bleep?

English Language Learners Definition of bleep (Entry 1 of 2) : a short, high sound made by an electronic device US, informal —used in place of an offensive word

Can you use blep in a DoggoLingo sentence?

For extra adoration, use blep in a DoggoLingo sentence: My cat is doin’ a blep! This is not meant to be a formal definition of blep like most terms we define on Dictionary.com, but is rather an informal word summary that hopefully touches upon the key aspects of the meaning and usage of blep that will help our users expand their word mastery.

What does it mean when a dog does a BLEP?

A blep is not a full-tongued pant. Nor it is a chops-licking mlem –that’s another DoggoLingo sound effect, usually reserved for when a dog or cat licks their nose. I Can Has Cheezburger? Blep might just be the pinnacle of adorable things our furry (or scaly) friends can do.

When did the BLEP subreddit get its name?

Blep might just be the pinnacle of adorable things our furry (or scaly) friends can do. Starting in 2014, blep was the name of a subreddit dedicated to pictures of cats blepping . Imgur and Urban Dictionary both discussed blep —and their close cousin, mlem —in 2015.