What does BSBA major in Marketing Management do?

What does BSBA major in Marketing Management do?

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, major in Marketing Management program produces well-rounded, globally competitive graduates equipped with the knowledge to cover specific areas in marketing, such as marketing research, distribution management, product management, brand management, personal selling.

What are the major subjects in Bsba?

BSBA Degree Majors

  • Accounting.
  • Business Analytics (co-major)
  • Business Economics (co-major)
  • Finance.
  • General Business.
  • International Business.
  • Legal Studies.
  • Management Information Systems.

What are the subjects in BSBA course?

Common course topics that business administration students may encounter include:

  • Accounting.
  • Economics.
  • Human resource management.
  • Marketing.
  • International business.
  • Management information systems.
  • Corporate finance and accounting.

What kind of jobs do marketing majors get?

Marketing Jobs and Careers

  • Advertising and promotions manager.
  • Content strategist.
  • Copywriter for an advertising or marketing agency.
  • Data scientist.
  • Director of digital marketing.
  • Market research analyst.
  • Marketing specialist.
  • Marketing manager.

What jobs are in marketing management?

Here are just a few of the job titles you’ll be ready for when you earn your bachelor’s in marketing:

  • Account Executive.
  • Advertising/Promotion Manager.
  • Brand Manager.
  • Copywriter.
  • Marketing Manager.
  • Market Research Analyst.
  • Media Planner.
  • Production Manager.

What courses have a board exam?

According to the Professional Regulatory Boards, below is a list of professions that would need a board exam before the actual practice:

  • Accountancy.
  • Aeronautical Engineering.
  • Agricultural Engineering.
  • Agriculture.
  • Architecture.
  • Chemical Engineering.
  • Chemistry.
  • Civil Engineering.

Does BSBA human resource management have board exam?

The BSBA in Human Resource Development does not have a board examination. However, graduates may opt to take the Civil Service Examination (CSE) conducted by the Philippine Civil Service Commission (PCSC) to qualify in working in government offices.

Is Bsba difficult?

Why did I choose BSBA in Financial and Management Accounting: I chose BS in Business Administration because I knew to my self that I am interested to it. About my college education: The course is quite difficult because of many accounting subjects, it is more on intellectual, decision making than memorizing.

How many subjects are there in business administration?

Common course options include: accounting, business administration, business analysis, business computing, business ethics, business statistics, commercial law, developing markets, economic principles, finance, human resources, international studies, management, marketing, operations management, research and technology …

What can I do with BSBA in Marketing Management?

Graduates of BSBA in Marketing Management may pursue a career path in various corporate, marketing, and research companies. They may apply for roles such as marketing executive, sales account executive, market researcher, digital marketing executive, market analyst, brand executive, and marketing communications officer.

What kind of courses can you take at PUP?

Here’s a list of PUP courses offered to qualified freshmen or undergraduate transferees: College of Accountancy (COA) BS in Accountancy (BSA) College of Business (CB) BS in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management (BSBA-MM)

How are pedagogies used in the BSBA program?

Some pedagogies used include simulation exercises, role-playing, group exercises, use of video presentations, gamification, and relevant film viewing, critiquing, and discussions. The BSBA program provides unique learning activities for the students to acquire firsthand experiences in the field.

How many BSBA graduates are there in the Philippines?

The program has had a total of 67 batches of graduates and 2,307 enrolled students as of 2 nd Semester AY 2019-2020. Graduates of the BSBA program are categorized under Level VI (Baccalaureate) of the Philippine Qualifications Framework (PQF) with qualification code number 60413, as well as the ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework (AQRF).