What does butyrate smell like?

What does butyrate smell like?

It has a reek of sour milk, or spoiled butter (its etymology is from the Latin butyrum meaning butter).

Is butyric acid harmful?

► Inhaling Butyric Acid can irritate the nose, throat and lungs. ► Butyric Acid is CORROSIVE. No occupational exposure limits have been established for Butyric Acid. However, it may pose a health risk.

What is butyric acid good for?

Butyric acid is well-known to support digestive health, reduce inflammation and lowers the risk of diseases and promote overall health. It holds a significant role in providing colon cells with the needed energy to carry out its normal functions and also regulates blood sugar and cholesterol levels.


Ethyl butyrate, also known as ethyl butanoate, or butyric ether, is an ester with the chemical formula CH3CH2CH2COOCH2CH3. It is soluble in propylene glycol, paraffin oil, and kerosene. It has a fruity odor, similar to pineapple, and is a key ingredient used as a flavor enhancer in processed orange juices.

Why does butyrate stink?

Butyric acid is found in rancid butter, parmesan cheese, vomit, and body odor and has an unpleasant smell and acrid taste, with a sweetish aftertaste (similar to ether). When butter goes rancid, butyric acid is liberated from the glyceride by hydrolysis leading to the unpleasant odor.

What foods are high in butyric acid?

Dietary butyric acid is found in the following foods:

  • ghee.
  • cow’s milk.
  • butter.
  • sheep’s milk.
  • goat’s milk.
  • breast milk.
  • parmesan cheese.
  • red meat.

Can you have too much butyrate?

In clinical conditions, it is practically impossible to overdose butyrate in a patient, both during drug studies and when used by a patient. No clinical side effects were observed in healthy volunteers administered therapeutic doses.

How much butyric acid should I take?

150–300 mg/day is the most common dosage recommendation for currently available butyric acid products.

Is ethyl butyrate safe to eat?

* Do not eat, smoke, or drink where Ethyl Butyrate is handled, processed, or stored, since the chemical can be swallowed.

What does ethyl butyrate taste like?

Ethyl butyrate has a fruity odor with pineapple undertone and sweet, analogous taste.