What does gazetted mean in law?

What does gazetted mean in law?

A gazette is an official publication for the purpose of notifying the actions and decisions of the government. Acts, regulations and other subordinate legislation are notified in all gazettes, with some states publishing regulations in full as part of the notification.

Whats the definition of gazette?

1 : newspaper. 2 : an official journal. 3 British : an announcement in an official gazette.

What does it mean when a town is gazetted?

Gazetted Localities are the officially recognised boundaries of suburbs (in cities and larger towns) and localities (outside cities and larger towns).

What is meaning of gazetted officers?

Gazetted Officers are executive/managerial level ranked government officers in India. If a person’s name is published in the Gazette of India or any state government gazette, he/she is called Gazetted. Any appointment released and published in the government gazette is called a gazetted appointment.

Who are included in gazetted officer?


  • Junior Doctors in Government Hospitals.
  • Section Officers.
  • Circle inspector, Tahsildars.
  • Drug Inspectors.
  • Headmaster in Government High school.
  • Assistant Executive Engineers.
  • Block Development Officer.
  • Income tax and revenue officers.

Why is gazette required?

As a public journal, the Gazette prints official notices from the government. It is authentic in content, accurate and strictly in accordance with the Government policies and decisions. The gazette is printed by the Government of India Press.

What is the purpose of gazette?

The Gazette, which was first published in 1902, is edited by the Office of the President and publishes executive issuances, republic acts, judicial papers, and other government documents.

Why are newspapers called gazette?

gazette, originally, a newssheet containing an abstract of current events, the forerunner of the modern newspaper. The word is derived from the Italian gazzetta, a name given to informal news or gossip sheets first published in Venice in the mid-16th century.

What are gazetted roads?

Gazetted Road means a road which has been named and published as a public road by the local council or state government.

Who comes in gazetted officer?

➢ Gazetted Officer: An officer or public servant, who is appointed under the seal of the governor of the concerned state or by the president of India at national level, requires being listed in the Indian gazette or state government gazette to be considered a gazetted officer.

Who comes under gazetted officer list?

What does gazetting mean?

In short, gazetting is the publishing of official information by the government in its own publication called the government gazette. Of course other newspapers and sources can also publish but in most instances the law requires that the government makes an official publication in the government gazette. Tapiwa Shumba.

What does Gazette mean?

A gazette is an official journal, a newspaper of record, or simply a newspaper.

What is the meaning of the term gazetted officer?

gazetted officer means a police officer of any rank from and including the Commissioner down to and including a probationary assistant superintendent;