What does Ichinojo mean?

What does Ichinojo mean?

Ichinojo — Excellent Castle. Takakeisho — Honorable View to Victory.

Is Takayasu Filipino?

Early life and sumo background Takayasu was born in Tsuchiura, Ibaraki to Eiji Takayasu and Bebelita Bernadas. His father is from Ibaraki Prefecture and his mother is from the island of Bohol in the Philippines. He has a brother, Hiroyuki, who is five years senior.

How much weight did Ichinojo lose?

He has been troubled by back pain since 2016. After an enforced lay off with a herniated disk in September 2016 he made an effort to lose weight and fell to 185 kg (408 lb), the same weight at which he entered professional sumo.

Why is Hakuho so good?

Hakuho has also won a record 39 Emperor’s Cups, surpassing the achievements of others who were considered great yokozuna. Yokozuna Hakuho may stand alone in the “dohyo” wrestling ring, but strong, silent support provided by two experts has played no small part in his record 1,048 career wins.

What do sumo names mean?

All sumo wrestlers have a shikona (ring name). The tradition, which dates back to the Edo period, has been used over time both as a means of attracting paying customers and a way to hide the true identities of wrestlers. For example, Hakuho, Kisenosato and Kakuryu are named Sho, Yutaka and Rikisaburo respectively.

What does Wakatakakage mean in Japanese?

若 (“waka”, as in “Wakatakakage”), meaning “young”, “youth”

How many Sekiwakes are there?

There are usually two active sekiwake. Wrestlers who went on to be promoted to ōzeki and yokozuna can be seen in the list of ōzeki and list of yokozuna.

How tall is Ichinojo?

1.9 m
Ichinojō Takashi/Height

Is Hakuho the best of all-time?

Hakuho, a sumo wrestling legend in Japan, is retiring at 36. His resume includes a record 45 tournaments win, a record 16 perfect victories and an all-time sumo record 1,187 wins. He became a Japanese citizen in 2019, meaning after retirement he can train wrestlers at his own sumo table.

Who are the yokozuna that Ichinojo has defeated?

Ichinojo began the January 2019 tournament in excellent form, defeating two yokozuna (Kakuryu and Kisenosato) and two ozeki ( Goeido and Takayasu) in the first five days but performances deteriorated and he managed to post only two further wins.

When did Kisenosato get his second kinboshi?

Back in the maegashira ranks for the September 2008 tournament, he was the only man to defeat tournament winner Hakuhō, earning him his second kinboshi, but he fell short with six wins against nine losses. In November 2008 Kisenosato scored 11–4, sending him to komusubi for the fifth time in the January 2009 tournament.

When did Kisenosato win his first yokozuna tournament?

Kisenosato won his first tournament as a yokozuna in March 2017, but suffered a left chest muscle injury in the process and was not able to complete another tournament until September 2018. His eight straight missed tournaments was a record for a yokozuna.

What kind of grappling does Ichinojo use?

Ichinojō uses yotsu-sumo, or grappling techniques, rather than slapping or pushing. His preferred grip on his opponent′s mawashi or belt is migi-yotsu, a right hand inside, left hand outside position. His most common winning kimarite in his career to date is yori-kiri, a straightforward force out.