What does nobility meaning?

What does nobility meaning?

1 : the quality or state of being noble in character, quality, or rank. 2 : the body of persons forming the noble class in a country or state : aristocracy.

What does nobility mean in a sentence?

The nobility of a society are all the people who have titles and belong to a high social class. They married into the nobility and entered the highest ranks of state administration. …his nobility of character, and his devotion to his country.

What is the best definition of noble?

1a : possessing outstanding qualities : illustrious was a noble king. b : famous, notable noble deeds. 2 : of high birth or exalted rank : aristocratic …

What is the role of the nobility?

The nobles’ place in society was essentially to function as middle-men between the peasants and the royal family. Nobles provided work, land, and protection to the peasants while providing funding, supplies, and military service to the king.

What does nobility mean in history?

Nobility was the highest social class in pre-modern societies. In the feudal system (in Europe and elsewhere), the nobility were mostly those who got land from the monarch and had to provide services to him, mainly military service. Men of this class were called noblemen.

Is nobility the same as royalty?

Royalty refers to the people who are members of the royal family. This includes the king, the queen, the princes, and the princesses. Nobility, on the other hand, is also of high breeding. Nobles can loosely be defined as those who belong to the aristocratic class in the society.

How do you use the word nobility in a sentence?

1. She seemed to personify goodness and nobility. 2. As a member of the nobility, his life had been one of wealth and privilege.

What is an example of nobility?

Nobility is a group of people of high rank, or a person having a high level of character or morals. An example of nobility is someone with a title of duke in England. A noble or privileged social class, historically accompanied by a hereditary title; aristocracy.

How would you describe a noble?

The definition of noble is someone who has high morals and ideals or people who are royalty or who have good breeding. An example of noble is a person who is always honest and charitable. Having or showing high moral qualities or ideals, or greatness of character; lofty.

What is a noble cause definition?

17) noble cause is a “moral commitment to make the world a safer place.” This commitment is why most people join law enforcement agencies, and while this is an admirable goal, when the commitment to make the world a safer place becomes more important than the means to accomplish these goals, corruption may result.

What is the role of a noble in the feudal system?

In exchange for the land, the noble pledged loyalty to the monarch and promised to fight for the lord when called. A noble who pledge loyalty became a VASSEL of the monarch. A noble is a person who serves the monarch. They can be called Dukes, Barons, Earls, or whatever.

What does nobility mean in the Middle Ages?

In the feudal system (in Europe and elsewhere), the nobility were generally those who held a fief, often land or office, under vassalage, i.e., in exchange for allegiance and various, mainly military, services to a suzerain, who might be a higher-ranking nobleman or a monarch.

What is the true nobility?

Nobility is a social class normally ranked immediately below royalty and found in some societies that have a formal aristocracy. Nobility has often been an estate of the realm that possessed more acknowledged privilege and higher social status than most other classes in society.

What might nobility mean in an elven society?

Re: What might nobility mean in an elven society? Proportion of godly blood they possess if their god is a philanderer or decided to make his first Kings directly. Social prominence, so the wealthy, the landed, celebrities, trendsetters, and anyone handy at leveraging a charisma score. Power, whether temporal or magical.

What is the synonym for nobility?

nobility(n.) Synonyms: grandeur, greatness, dignity, nobleness, elevation, superiority, worthiness, loftiness of character, moral excellence. nobility(n.) Synonyms: noble birth, patrician dignity, eminence by rank.

What is the plural of nobility?

The noun nobility can be countable or uncountable. In more general, commonly used, contexts, the plural form will also be nobility. However, in more specific contexts, the plural form can also be nobilities e.g. in reference to various types of nobilities or a collection of nobilities.