What does Soff-Cut mean?

What does Soff-Cut mean?

Soff Cut is the only early entry dry cutting system, which controls random cracking through the early timing of the cut. The up cutting rotation of the blade combines with the skid plate, which applies pressure to the surface to prevent chipping or spalling.

What is soft cutting concrete?

Soft cutting is a dry cutting system used mainly for concrete foundation slabs or to complete expansion cuts. The soft cutting method uses both a blade and a skid plate, which combine to apply pressure to the surface of the concrete. This prevents chipping and helps to control concrete shrinkage or cracking.

How deep does a soft cut saw cut?

The Soff-Cut® system is the optimal way to control random cracking, by cutting control joints as part of the finishing process, within the green zone. With Ultra Early Entry™ cutting you can control cracking in slabs up to 9 inches thick, with only a 1-inch minimum depth.

How long after pouring concrete should you cut it?

For most concrete work, cutting should take place within the first 6 to 18 hours and never beyond 24 hours. Smaller early-entry saws are available, which may allow cutting to begin within a few hours after placement.

How deep does a concrete saw cut?

They can cut through 12 to 14-inches of concrete. It is wise to use a strong power source for cut-off machines to increase their speed. They also become simpler to use and are less noisy. This is even more so if the main focus is on the depth of the cut as opposed to the noise created when in an enclosed environment.

How deep should a concrete saw cut be?

A good rule of thumb is to cut the joints one-quarter to one-third the slab thickness. 1 For a 6-inch-thick slab, that means cutting 1.5 to 2 inches deep. Ensure that the saw cut depth meets the structural engineering specifications.

Can you cut green concrete?

It takes a very precise saw to cut green concrete cleanly. Most conventional saws allow too much movement both laterally and vertically. Larger diameter blades have more chance of wobble which can also damage the cut.

How do you edge concrete after it dries?

These are the 4 steps in how to smooth concrete after it dries:

  1. Remove all imperfections on the surface.
  2. Vacuum up all debris and apply the adherent.
  3. Apply a new layer of concrete.
  4. Sand the surface and wash the concrete.
  5. Apply a layer of vitrifier to protect the concrete.