What does WCF mean on Lions uniform?

What does WCF mean on Lions uniform?

William Clay Ford Sr.
Born William Clay FordMarch 14, 1925 Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
Died March 9, 2014 (aged 88) Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan, U.S.
Resting place Woodlawn Cemetery
Nationality American

How old is Martha Firestone Ford?

96 years (September 16, 1925)
Martha Firestone Ford/Age

What Color Is Detroit Lions Blue?

The official Detroit Lions team colors are Honolulu blue and silver….Detroit Lions color codes: RGB, CMYK, Pantone, Hex.

Honolulu Blue Hex color: #0076b6
RGB: 0 118 182
CMYK: 100 35 0 12
Pantone: PMS 2196 C

Why are Detroit Lions Blue?

According to a 1950 Lion media guide, “the blue, a distinctive shade was especially developed for G.A. Richards.” According to team lore, their first owner came up with the color after admiring the hue of the Pacific Ocean on a trip to Hawaii and the shade was named “Honolulu blue.”

Why do the Detroit Lions have WCF on their sleeve?

The “WCF” Initials on the Detroit Lions’ Uniforms Are a Touching Tribute. Turns out, those initials are a tribute to William Clay Ford Sr., a former owner of the team. After Ford’s death in 2014, the players wore a “WCF” patch on the left breast of their uniforms.

Why do Bears uniforms say GSH?

“GSH” was added to the sleeves of the Bears’ uniforms before the start of 1984 NFL season to honor it’s founding father – George Stanley Halas. The son of Greek-Slavic immigrants, Halas invented the Bears in 1920 when he took a job with A.E. Staley, a starch manufacturer in Decatur, Illinois.

How much did the Fords pay for the Detroit Lions?

William Clay Ford bought the Lions in 1963, on the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated, for about $6 million.

Who is the new owner of the Detroit Lions?

Launched by Lions players, Owner and Chairman Martha Firestone Ford and Head Coach Matt Patricia following the conclusion of the 2018 NFL season, Detroit Lions Inspire Change will invest nearly $600,000 in financial support through grants to nine Metro Detroit organizations in 2020.

What colors are the Detroit Tigers?

Navy BlueOrange
Detroit Tigers/Colors

What are Detroit Lions team colors?

WhiteHonolulu blueSilver
Detroit Lions/Colors

Will the Lions ever win a Super Bowl?

The Detroit Lions have never won a Super Bowl. It doesn’t seem like that drought will end this season. One bettor is undeterred by low expectations for the Lions. The first was $1,000 to win $100,000 on the Lions winning the NFC at +10000 odds.

Who was the original owner of the Detroit Lions?

George Richards
An annual tradition, the Lions have played on Thanksgiving Day since 1934, due to the influence of the team’s first owner George Richards, who also owned the WJR radio station.

What does the WCF stand for on the Detroit Lions jerseys?

This season, the Detroit Lions are once again wearing a “WCF” logo on the left sleeve of their jerseys. The “WCF” is a tribute to the late William Clay Ford, Sr. A grandchild of Henry Ford, William Clay Ford, Sr. died in March 2014 at age 88.

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