What emotions to expect after an abortion?

What emotions to expect after an abortion?

After an abortion, it is normal to feel relief, sadness, grief, or guilt. These feelings can change from woman to woman. Natural hormonal changes that occur in your body during pregnancy are affected by an abortion. These hormonal changes can make you feel more emotional than usual.

What are the side effects of getting an abortion?

Side effects of this abortion procedure include: cramping, pelvic pain, uterine damage, injury to the bowel, bladder, or cervix, heavy bleeding, or more serious complications. Blood loss, damage to the uterus, and infection are the most common side effects.

How long does it take to recover from an abortion mentally?

There is no set timeframe, although most patients tell us that after a couple of weeks they feel pretty much back to normal. If you or someone you know is feeling deep sadness and a lack of interest in life, lasting more than two weeks, we urge you to contact us or a mental health professional for help.

What are the potential side effects of ending abortion?

Immediate Complications

  • Damage to the womb or cervix.
  • Excessive bleeding.
  • Incomplete abortion, requiring a (additional) surgical abortion procedure.
  • Infection of the uterus or fallopian tubes.
  • Scarring of the inside of the uterus.
  • Sepsis or Septic shock.
  • Uterine perforation.
  • Death.

How long does it take to get over an abortion?

Recovery time The bleeding usually stops within 6 weeks. Recovery may take longer for late-term abortions. If complications develop, recovery can take much longer, and people may need hospitalization or surgery. This is unusual though, and most women will recover within a few weeks.

How do I cope after an abortion?

You can also access free, confidential support over a talkline:

  1. All-Options offers compassionate guidance and support to people trying to make a decision about abortion as well as those who have had an abortion. Reach them at 888-493-0092.
  2. Exhale offers post-abortion support by text or telephone.

Is abortion harmful to the body?

Abortion is safe. Unless there’s a rare and serious complication that’s not treated, there’s no risk to your ability to have children in the future or to your overall health. Having an abortion doesn’t increase your risk for breast cancer, and it doesn’t cause depression or mental health issues.

Does having an abortion affect your fertility?

In most cases, an abortion does not affect fertility or future pregnancies. It is possible to ovulate and become pregnant within 2 weeks of an abortion. In rare cases, surgical abortion can cause scarring of the uterine wall or damage to the cervix. These complications may make it more difficult to get pregnant again.

Do you feel normal after abortion?

Women who have first trimester abortions and those who do not have any complications will usually feel normal within a few days. The bleeding usually stops within 6 weeks. Recovery may take longer for late-term abortions.

How long does it take for pregnancy symptoms to stop after abortion?

Pregnancy symptoms of nausea, vomiting and weariness usually cease within three days. Breast tenderness may take seven to 10 days to disappear. Your breasts may feel firm and tender and leak fluid after your procedure. Your breasts will return to normal after three to four days of swelling.

How do I help my girlfriend after abortion?

In our long experience, we have found the following to be most helpful:

  1. Be available throughout the abortion experience.
  2. Drive them to and from our Center, fill their prescriptions, check in on them frequently.
  3. Take some time to sit quietly with them.
  4. Listen to their feelings and watch their body language.