What food does Walmart deli have?

What food does Walmart deli have?

Bacon, Hot Dogs & Sausage.

  • Deli Meat & Cheese.
  • Dinner Sausage.
  • Lunch & Sandwich Meat.
  • Hummus, Dips & Salsa.
  • Prepared Meals & Sides.
  • Snacks & Fresh Sandwiches.
  • Sausages.
  • Does Walmart have deli sandwiches?

    A tray of convenient, made-fresh sandwiches. Prima Della ham, roast beef, & turkey are paired with sliced Prima Della cheeses on white & wheat bread. Small serves 12–16; medium serves 20–24; large serves 28–32. Regular or boneless chicken wings with carrots & celery.

    How much is Walmart deli food?

    Walmart Deli Prices

    Deli Price
    29 oz. Rotisserie Chicken $4.98
    8-Piece Fried Chicken $6.98
    Single Plate Meal (Includes: 1 Entree & 1 Side) $3.98

    How much are Walmart deli sandwiches?

    Walmart Catering Menu

    Item Price
    Sandwich Tray Medium 16″ $32.00
    Sandwich Tray Large 18″ $42.00
    Sub Sandwich 2ft. $18.00
    Sub Sandwich 4ft. $28.00

    Does Walmart deli make breakfast?

    Walmart Deli Chicken Breakfast Sandwich.

    How much is a 6 foot sub?

    Subway Catering Prices

    Food Size Price
    Giant Sub 3 ft. $51.99
    Giant Sub 6 ft. $99.98
    Giant Sub 9 ft. $149.97
    Giant Sub 12 ft. $199.96

    How much does Walmart deli chicken cost?

    The cost of Walmart deli chicken will greatly depend on the amount you need. On average, the costs can range from as little as $7 for an eight-piece meal to as much as $55 for a 100 piece pack of fried chicken only.M

    How much is a bucket of fried chicken at Walmart?

    A Walmart Deli sales brochure, for example, shows the Walmart Deli fried chicken prices for the different packages: 50-piece Chicken Only (serves 20-25) – $27.74. 50-piece Party Load with Sides (serves 20-25) – $39.48. 100-piece Chicken Only (serves 45-50) – $54.98.Ordibe

    How much does a 6 foot sub feed?

    6-foot Giant Sub*: Serves 20–25. Giant Sub orders require 24 hr.

    Does Walmart sell cooked food?

    The meals, available now in more than 250 stores, were developed and tested in the retailer’s Culinary and Innovation Center and are made and assembled fresh in-store daily. Whether you’re an experienced chef or new cook, you can create these meals with your own flair.E

    Where is the Walmart in Valley, Al?

    From toys and video games to fashionable clothing and matching shoes for the whole family, your Valley Walmart Superstore has it all. We’re conveniently located at 3501 20th Ave, Valley, AL 36854, just 0.6 mi from First Baptist Church Shawmut.

    How to contact Walmart in Pell City Al?

    Give us a call at 205-338-5300 and one of our friendly and knowledgeable associates will be happy to help you out.

    Is the deli at Walmart value for money?

    The good news is that this value for money is not only limited to your usual grocery items, electronics, sports equipment, clothes, and everything else you can normally find in the Walmart universe. For your fresh and top quality food needs, the Walmart Deli is something you can rely on.

    What foods are on the deli menu at Walmart?

    Sandwiches – The deli has several sandwiches that you can quickly heat up when you’re in need of a quick meal. From roast beef and turkey to chicken salad and sausage, there’s a little something for everyone. Prepared Foods – Walmart Deli also gives you a selection of read-to-eat meals that you can just pop into the oven or heat in the pan.