What happened to Cambodia Water Festival 2010?

What happened to Cambodia Water Festival 2010?

The Phnom Penh stampede occurred on 22 November 2010 when 347 people were killed and another 755 were injured in a human stampede during the Khmer Water Festival celebrations in the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh.

How many days is the Water Festival in Cambodia?

During the rainy season the Tonle Sap River floats north to the Tonle Sap Lake and during the dry season Tonle Sap River floats south and joins with the Mekong River in Phnom Penh. The Water Festival is a 3-day long festival that occurs in November.

Why do we celebrate Water Festival in Cambodia?

Coming up on 9 – 12 November 2019, Cambodia celebrates its annual Water Festival, or Bon Om Touk. The festival celebrates the natural phenomenon of the reversing of the flow of water in both the Mekong River and the Tonle Sap (Great Lake) after the monsoon season has passed, and water levels have subsided.

How do they celebrate Water Festival in Cambodia?

The festival is celebrated in every province, but many Cambodians make a special trip from the provinces to the capital city, Phnom Penh. In Phnom Penh people gather for big boat races, illuminated floats (លយប្រទីប), a moon salutation (សំពះព្រះខែ) and eating of special rice made with banana or coconut juice (អកអំបុក).

How do human stampedes happen?

In a crowd crush, people are subjected to compressive forces by being pushed from all sides (or against a barrier such as a wall) with nowhere to move into. A crush is typical of a crowd pushed into a confined area; a progressive crowd collapse may occur in a large crowd moving steadily forward along a confined route.

What is the most important festival in Cambodia?

Cambodian festivals and holidays

  • Khmer New Year. Celebrated on April 13 or 14 each year, Khmer New Year, Bon Chol Chhnam Thmei, is a three-day affair that traditionally marks the end of the harvest season and is Cambodia’s single most important holiday.
  • Water Festival.
  • Pchum Ben.
  • Royal Ploughing Ceremony.

What is the Water Festival in Cambodia and what is it about?

The Cambodian Water Festival is celebrated in November to mark the end of the rainy season and the reversing flow of the Tonle Sap River. For most time of the year, the Tonle Sap River empties into the Mekong.

Why do we have Water Festival?

It is called the ‘Water Festival’ by Westerners because they notice people splashing or pouring water at one another as part of the cleansing ritual(which a lot forgot about) to welcome the New Year. It is believed that on this Water Festival, everything old must be thrown away, or it will bring the owner bad luck.

What are the purposes of Water Festival?

The water festival is a celebration of the rebirth of the country through the monsoon rains, and the colorful boat races a vestige of the former military might of Angkor. Dating back to Angkorian times, today’s Water Festival is a throwback to times past.

What do you do at a water festival?

Besides the regatta, the water festival also includes three other ceremonies: Illuminated float (Loy Pratip), Moon salutation (Sampeas Preah Khe) and the eating of pestle new special rice with banana or coconut juice (Ork Ambok).

How is Tuna festival celebrated?

The week-long celebration features different events and activities focusing on the tuna industry and the bounty of the sea.. Among these are the annual Tuna Congress, the Tuna Culinary Skills Competition, the Sashimi Night, the Fish Dance Competition, Miss Tourism GenSan Pageant, the Fishfest sa Fishport and the Tuna …

Which is the largest water festival in Cambodia?

The Cambodian calendar is littered with holidays and its Water Festival – or Bon Oum Touk – is one of the largest. For three days, locals flock from across the country to the capital of Phnom Penh to watch the colourful boat races take place along the Tonle Sap River. November is an important month in Cambodia.

How many people attend Phnom Penh water festival?

This year’s festival in Phnom Penh is due to attract well over a million spectators from across the country, the region and the world, with the brightly painted boats, megaphones. and luminous T-shirts adding a distinctly modern feel to the historic festivities.

When is the boat racing festival in Cambodia?

“Boat Racing Festival”), or the Cambodian Water Festival, is a Cambodian festival. It is celebrated in late October or early November, often corresponding with the lunar Mid-Autumn Festival. It marks the end of the monsoon season.

When is the Bon Om Touk Festival in Cambodia?

Bon Om Touk ( Khmer: បុណ្យអុំទូក, Bŏn Om Tuk, lit. “Boat Racing Festival”), or the Cambodian Water Festival, is a Cambodian festival. It is celebrated in late October or early November, often corresponding with the lunar Mid-Autumn Festival.